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Custom Framing and All Types of Remodeling in West Union, SC

West Union, SC

About Golden Corner Professional Services

Golden Corner Professional Services has 13 years of experience in custom framing and all types of remodeling. We can handle new construction, remodeling, decks, roofing, etc.

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Framing, decks, siding, trim, windows, doors, roofing, all remodeling, boat docks, and all interior and exterior needs.

1221 Anderson Street
West Union, SC 29696
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Jason Mathis accepts cash and checks
Cities served
Seneca and West Union

Ask about their experience. Ask for references. Ask when they can start; because some people out there think when a customer gives them the job that they can go and come as they feel like it. Ask if they are insured.

If you can't guarantee the job you do, then you shouldn't do it. We do. A customer can call any time after a job is completed for any reason at all.


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