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GreerHandyman Home Improvement

Dependable and Affordable ! in Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH

About GreerHandyman Home Improvement

GreerHandyman offers essential services including interior and exterior painting, drywall, plumbing, and electrical work. I have experience in remodeling homes and the building and repair of decks and privacy fences.

The picture you see is of a wine cellar that was designed and built for a customer in Powell, Ohio. Please call me for a free estimate if you are interested in exploring the building of a wine cellar.

Let me perform routine repairs and maintenance as needed.

I am available to help protect your investment and always offer prompt and courteous service. I value your business.

Contact GreerHandyman today for more information and to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.



  • Painting(interior and exterior),
  • carpentry,
  • drywall,
  • deck repair and staining,
  • privacy fence build and repair,
  • wine cellar design and build,
  • basic plumbing and electrical work,
  • general yard work,
  • general home repair,
  • odd jobs


I'm not a "brand" type of guy. I get the best products for the job. Sometimes it may be one brand of paint and another brand of paint for the next job.

I also allow the customer to tell me if they have any preferences on product brands.

Remodeling cost guides

Painter Cost
Average cost to hire a painter in Columbus is over $50 (per hour)

Columbus, OH 43231
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Payment options
Howard Greer accepts cash and checks
Hourly rate: From $40 to $50

I don't have any certification or professional affiliations regarding my handyman business at this time. I do in my previous career however.

Cities served
Columbus, Grove City, Reynoldsburg, Dublin, Delaware, Hilliard, Westerville and Galloway

I am a graduate of The Ohio State University with a BS in Business Administration. I spent almost 30 years in sales and sales management in Telecommunications and IT Consulting. I'm just a pleasant 54 year old man who enjoys getting up in the morning and praises God for another wonderful day.

It has been increasing over the past year or so. What is more important to a potential customer is that I have the resources to complete the projects. If it is something I can work on alone, no problem. But if needed, I can bring in the appropriate manpower and skill sets needed on a "per project" basis.

Customers always ask for price and I understand that. Always provide as much information as possible for a project request. This helps bring down the price believe it or not. I then can tailor a custom fit solution to your needs without guessing. Guessing usually drives up a quote.

Go out and get more than one bid on a project. Also, be open to the "expert" in any ideas they may have to streamline the process, thereby saving the customer money.

One additional item. Many people tend to go for the least expensive solution. Sometimes, that's not the best solution and the customer winds up spending more on the whole over the long term.

I retired from sales and sales management in the IT and Telecom world. I used to do these type of jobs for free for family and friends.

When the weather is good, outdoors is usually deck builds/repairs, fence builds/repairs.

When the weather is bad, interior painting is a large request. Drywall repairs.

Overall, I see a great deal of diversity in requests for my services and I like that. Everyday is a new adventure.

Just have a good idea of what you are looking for in a project result. If you have information available in plans, pictures, etc, that is all helpful in design and pricing out a solution to a project. The more information a customer can give me, the better i can hit the target with a competitive quote.

If all you need is something installed or fixed, no problem. That is a straight forward request.

The project that I am most proud of is our wine cellar build. Our client asked that a spare room in the basement be converted into a wine cellar. What had been a concrete bunker under their front porch was transformed into a beautiful and affordable wine cellar that would provide space for approximately 450 bottles of wine and shelving for cigar humidors.

Have provider do a site visit if possible. Get a quotation in writing. Provide references if asked. Does provider have additional resources if needed.

GreerHandyman has many customers that we are continually servicing there home and business fix-it needs. Once a large project is completed, we stay in touch with our customers to inquire as to the satisfaction of the work and to inquire as to any new projects which we may undertake.

Just that like my previous profession, I work hard a learning my craft. I am always looking and studying better ways of doing Handyman type jobs and projects for my customers. Customer satisfaction is my primary goal.


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