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Anchorage, AK

About Grizzly Lawn Service

Grizzly Lawn Service specializes in lawn maintenance services. Our pricing depends on property size and our services are available on a weekly and biweekly basis.

Our pricing includes:

  • Mowing
  • Weed eating
  • Bagging of lawn clippings

We also offer spring cleaning services that include:

  • Use of rake
  • Grass cutting
  • Use of trimmer
  • Bagging of lawn clippings

In addition, we provide dog waste removal services starting at $25.00 depending on size of yard, and dog walking for $20 per hour and $10 per additional hour.

For other services not listed in here and to receive a free estimate, please feel free to contact us!


We specialize in lawn maintenance, dog service, trimming and more.

Anchorage, AK 99502
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Payment options
Miguel Diaz accepts cash

The option to continue on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.


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