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Hi, I am Andrew Hartman of Hartman Tree Service. I do small tree removal but I mostly specialize in the cleanup of trees or tree branches that have already come down. I can remove materials or leave them on site. I will also cut and split firewood to leave on site if the client requests.

For your small tree jobs, don't pay the big boys - contact Hartman Tree Service!


I specialize in the felling and cutting up of simple tree jobs. I avoid the difficult ones close to houses or other structures and focus on providing a budget-friendly option on those jobs that do not require serious expertise. I also specialize in the removal of trees and tree branches that are already down and simply need cut up and removed.


I utilize Stihl and Jonsered chain saws. Primarily Oregon bars and the corresponding chain. The rest is just good old fashioned work ethic and elbow grease.

Remodeling cost guides

Yard Clean-up Service Cost
Typical average cost to hire a yard clean-up service in Cecil is over $200 - $600 (for cleanup services without provision for hauling costs)

Drafting Services Cost
Total cost to have blueprints for a new home drafted in Cecil is over $100 - $130 (per hour)

Locksmith Service Cost
Typical cost to hire a locksmith in Cecil is about $380 - $500 (service call, 2h labor to change lock, rekey, door molding repair, and new deadbolt)

Wall Cleaning Service Cost
Average cost clean your walls in Cecil is over $900 (interior wall cleaning, second cleaning and cleaning of 3 ceiling fans)

Junk Removal Service Cost
Typical cost to hire a junk removal service in Cecil is around $170-$220 (junk removal service, medium load, plus a freon fee for 1 appliance)

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Payment options
Andrew Hartman accepts cash, checks and Paypal

There are no certifications or affiliations related to the kind of work that I am offering. I come from the school of hard work and experience.

Services offered

I average a project a month but would like to expand upon that. I have the potential to handle several projects at once so call me.

It is best to know the distance from standing trees to possible structures to avoid. The number of trees for the job, their approximate size, a best guess as to their species, and a time frame for their removal or cleanup are all great.

I did work for a local church following Hurricane Sandy and its path of destruction. While the storm was nowhere near the severity of New Jersey and New York there was still damage in my area. I cut up the tree and converted it to firewood before the Sunday service preserving a clean grounds look.

Those of us in the tree industry may seem to take pleasure in the cutting down of trees, but what gives us the most pleasure is when the homeowner shares with us the plans to plant a replacement tree and thus keep our earth green and beautiful.

How much will this cost? Less than most.

I remove waste from the job site and clean up the cutting area. I will also turn appropriate materials into firewood at the customer's request. I will stack it where requested to within reason.

What kind of tree work have you done? My job is simple, will you look at it and tell me if you agree? If you do agree would you give me a lower price for easy work?

Most tree service companies have large overhead because they have to have equipment for the challenging technical cutting they do. I have little overhead and thus can pass that savings on to you.

The most common jobs that I get are those people that have small to medium trees that need removed or that have already fallen down that need removed.

I grew up in a log house that was heated by a wood burner, so from a very early age I have been felling and cleaning trees. Turning them into firewood was a necessity.



Andrew was prompt and courteous, professional and easy to work with. Good Guy who I would recommend to anybody.

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