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Quincy, MA

About Henry Le

We specialize in home improvement, general construction, bathroom renovation, installation, painting, and hardwood flooring.

We have twenty years of experience in the hardwood flooring industry. We give free estimates. We will make your old floor look like new!

Remodeling cost guides

Install Vinyl Flooring Cost
Total cost to install vinyl flooring in Quincy is around $920 (200 square foot kitchen)

Stone Floor Polishing Cost
Typical cost to polish a stone floor in Quincy is over $830 (200 sq.ft. floor diamond or powder polishing)

Tile Flooring Installation Cost
Typical average cost to install tile flooring in Quincy is about $1,450 (32 square foot bathroom)

Radiant Floor Heating Cost
Average cost to install radiant floor heating in Quincy is over $8,280 - $19,320

Bamboo Flooring Installation Cost
Total cost to install bamboo flooring in Quincy is around $1,730 (16'x16' room)

22 Field St.
Quincy, MA 02169
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