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At High Tech Construction Co.'s core philosophies revolve around preserving historic brownstones from deterioration. Gaining recognition throughout the years as one of Brooklyn top Brownstone Restoration Specialist we strive to continue to build our mission and vision to preserve the aesthetics of the beauty of Brownstone. We serve Park slope, Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, Cobble Hill, Dumbo, Red hook, and Crown heights areas.

We have expanded our horizons to Manhattan - Chelsea, Riverside, and Harlem throughout the tri-state area to Bronx, and Queens. Working hand in hand with Landmarks Preservation Commission at High Tech Construction Co. to preserve brownstones through proper maintenance.

SERVICES: Below is a list of services but not limited to offered by High Tech: Brownstone details, art, skills, bull nose, Brownstone restoration, Brownstone Stoop Restoration, home improvement, Brownstone, Basement/kitchen Remodeling, Bath Remodeling, Interior/ Exterior Painting, Interior Design, Custom Cabinetry, Flooring, PaintingPlastering, Tile Work, Wood Floors, Demolition, Kitchen Cabinets, Waterproofing, Brick Cleaning, Roofing, Side Walk, Stoop, Stucco, Scaffold Work, Cement Work, Brick Work, Paint Removal, Concrete & Masonry, Install Windows & Door, Siding, Walls & Ceilings, Damage Restoration, Roofing

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Remodeling cost guides

Outdoor Kitchen Installation Cost
Typical average cost to install an outdoor kitchen in Brooklyn is around $3,130 - $11,600 (basic outdoor kitchen with no special additions)

Bathroom Design Cost
Typical cost to design a bathroom in Brooklyn is around $4,640 (to hire a bathroom designer to provide standard design services)

Interior Design Cost
Typical average cost to hire an interior designer in Brooklyn is about $60 - $230 (per hour, small project)

Kitchen Remodeling Cost
Average cost to remodel a kitchen in Brooklyn is about $9,860 - $29,000 (remodel of a 200 sq.ft. kitchen, no layout changes, stock cabinets, new appliances, granite countertops)

Feng Shui Design Cost
Typical cost to implement feng shui design in Brooklyn is about $580 (one in-person consultation for an average home by a consultant)

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Shaiful Hassan accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards
Cities served
New York, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Jamaica, Flushing, Astoria, Elmhurst, Corona, Ridgewood and other cities within 20 miles of Brooklyn.

Two house and two owner. Complete Brownstone facade and stoop restoration.

287 1st Brooklyn NY ( MR. John )

100 Projects per year. With an average project size of $100,000 to $500,000


We offer our clients satisfaction even after we are done with your project. At High-Tech we uphold a reputation of quality work. We give our clients a warrantee that if they are not satisfied then our job is not done and we will continue to work until satisfaction is met.

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For years High-Tech construction company has been servicing its customers with efficiency, integrity, and satisfaction. Although we started out as a small company in 1987 we have now extended our branches throughout New York City. High-tech construction company, located in Brooklyn, New York is known for its pleasing its customers with the highest satisfaction.



My fire escape was in need of repair, hired the company to paint and primer the rusty fire escape. They also fixed the back wall and damaged bricks, speedy fast service.


They fixed up my parapet wall that was cracked; additionally did a complete brownstone stoop restoration! very affordable with amazing skilled laborers.


Upon first consultation with Shaiful, he was on point. He gave several options on how to proceed with our stoop repair with a very good break down of materials, time, and costs. Shaiful and his crew (2 workers) were fantastic. Communication with Shaiful was always punctual, clear, and to the point. They arrived at the time they specified they would be there. The job also took slightly less time than estimated. All the work was done very well, professionally. They paid particularly good attention to the job, even finding a few spots that I had missed on my own inspection! They did a very good cleaning. Throughout the whole process, Shaiful was very respectful and detailed all decisions and options. Highly professional and excellent work done. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Stoop & facade restoration (cornice); Landmark historical district. skillful to the utmost. I would recommend with out hesitation.


By passed one there job sights while strolling the neighborhood. Hired the company for a brick stoop restoration along with interior work (bathroom renovation/kitchen modification); price was great and work was outstanding.


Completed a brownstone stoop and facade restoration, we just finished up; the finishing touches were impeccable; loved the attention to detail. Great work TEAM!


The estimate was reasonable from the beginning putting High Tech on our pro list; the concrete walk-way had cracks; loose cement. The company did a terrific job restoring the side-walk and power washing my front stoop. The team did some top notch work and I have no hesitation in referring and recommending them. Our neighbor's are looking into having some re-pointing work done as well by them. They have left a good impression on the block.


My 4-story facade was discolored, cracks, chipping etc. They re-painted the facade. Worked well within my budget and was cooperative throughout the whole process.


They scraped and re-painted my fire escape. They did a very diligent job. Highly recommend in the neighborhood for fire escape repair and restoration.


Currently they are working on my brownstone facade and stoop! A complete restoration project. Team is very efficient and timely. So far so good, guys are doing great!




I called them to replace my roof; very efficient, timely and professional.


High Tech did a complete kitchen/bathroom renovation. The interior design team was exquisite and I am in love with the results. Did an amazing job!


Had the guys repair my cornice and replace my roof; did an excellent job. They handcrafted all the details back on the cornice; the attention to detail was exquisite.


I have a 6-story facade that had cracked, as a result of hurricane sandy, the roof had leaked, getting into the house and damaging everything. Water dripped from the gutter seeped into the walls and caused heavy damages. The walls were damaged with mold getting inside, with peeling paint from the facade. We needed to re-do the brownstone and fix all the damages. within many quotes, high tech was within my budget. Up and foremost, the roof was re-layered to prevent any more damages. The facade was chipped off (about 2 inches) from the wall applied Portland cement and scratch coat. There were many details missing from the window sills and facade that High tech handcrafted and restored. Shaiful explained to me that it would be best if the cornice would be painted, and restored with all details and design before applying the final-coat brownstone. He stated for best results the facade should dry and cure, the longer the drying process the optimal the results. After the drying process, they did the final-coat, the cornice looked great, and all the designs were hand-curved. The walls, inside of the house, the sheet rock was removed, patched, and new insulation placed with new sheet-rock. With such a major project on-going, I had a wonderful experience!


Overall I had a wonder experience with High Tech Construction Co. The men were very skilled and talented. I got my money's worth.

-The first floor of my facade was re-pointed
-My steps were demolished and the size of the platform was extended
-The porch and brick fence was reconstructed
-The concrete walkway was also recreated with bluestone copings on top

They worked side by side with me through the entire process. Very very thorough with everything!
Good job!


Living in a brownstone building is beautiful but when your steps are falling and chipping apart everywhere the beauty isn't as appealing. Knowing that I had to completely get my steps redone I kept dodging the topic as I met with overpriced GCs. With an economic turnover I was hoping that I could get something affordable. After much research and meeting with pricey GCs I met with High-Tech Construction Co. I read many reviews on their brownstone specialty. I wanted someone to do the job right, High-Tech was professional and provided me with a quote I could not turn down. I called up many of the references provided and when I visited some of them I was pleased with what I saw. I signed the contract the same week and High-Tech started the project. Brownstone steps are very delicate and if the proper method of reconstruction is not applied then the steps can easily be destroyed through harsh weather conditions. As skeptical as I am. I asked the High-Tech team to explain to me their process of restoration and remolding and indeed they gave me a very detailed and through description of what would take place in the next few weeks. Overall High-Tech was very professional, honest, and hardworking. They provided me with quality work. They cleaned up all debris and garbage daily. Color, pattern, etc was as I wanted and all my suggestions and requests were applied. I would definitely hire High-Tech again. The quality of work they provided is still complimented by my neighbors and friends daily.


High Tech Construction Co. re-did my brownstone facade stoops. They completely restored my steps that were initially chipping and in need of immediate attention. Looking for a brownstone company was a challenge. After receiving positive feedback about High Tech I hired them and couldn't have made a more efficient choice. My steps look amazing and they are truly the Brownstone Experts.


My rear facade wall was falling apart, there was apparent deterioration, cracks falling apart. I was recommended to High Tech by our community board. Scaffold was used for this project. They chipped out the 4-story facade and applied wire-mash. First coat of cement was for curing and the second coat was the finishing coat. The finishing coat was very finely re-finished. The back-wall was waterproofed with thoro-coat. My roof was leaking as well at multiple places, bubbles had been formed with water seeping in, leaving into my kitchen. The weather was very rainy and stormy at that time and thanks to High Tech they repaired my roof by placing a new layer roof on top of the existing roof and stopped the leak. High Tech remains as one of the top recommended company in our community board.

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