Imagination Architecture

Residential and Commercial Architects in Seattle, WA

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Imagination Architecture

Residential and Commercial Architects in Seattle, WA

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About Imagination Architecture

Imagination Architecture was created to help bring your dreams to a reality. With offices throughout the US we are headed to be number 1 in the Architecture industry, we offer competitive pricing and a vast number of resources to bring your imagination to a reality.

We have multiple architects working all the time and there teamed up with each other to help with creating your imagination and dreams. Some may say that choosing an architect may be difficult, but choosing us is simple and straight forward. Unlike some large firms who charge ridiculous prices for their designs were competitive in your market to give you the best possible pricing while bringing your imagination and dreams to life.

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Residential and Commercial What We Do:

Were here to design whatever you can imagine, we will work side by side through in home/office visits, skype, email, etc. until we have the design you were looking for. Then we will be with you in the process while your dreams are being built into a reality. The head architect that designed you dream will be with you after you finalize the drawings so you know you will have support in any changes you wanted, materials being used, choosing the right contractor, or any questions you needed to ask with your final design.

What Else Do We Do:

We also offer 3D modeling or Floorplan, Animation, or rendering to bring your design to life before the first dig starts this brings a different reality to what your dreams may become, whether it's a new subdivision we are designing, dream home, office, etc, 3D Modeling, Animation, or rendering in there to see your vision in a different light.

Questions and Answers

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After the work is completed and the documents are submitted to the customer we offer our full support and we periodically come to the job site to check on progress. We also can help with locating the right contractor and choosing the proper materials to complete the job efficiently. We are by your side through the process while your home or office is being built.
Seattle, WA 98101
   (855) 278-5550
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