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Harrisburg, PA

About Imamlocal

We are a local company that makes it easy for businesses to have affordable and dynamic web apps and mobile websites. You no longer need a developer to make you an app and mobile website. Our platform makes it easy for you to easily update your web app and mobile website 24/7 with your own business panel. No advanced skills needed to have a professional web app and mobile website. If you are a hands off person, we will design your web app and mobile website for you! We take it 10 steps further and work one on one with you to have your business dominating your local search . You will no longer be passed over, But found .

For free consultation, and for more information on this cutting edge lead generating source, contact us today!


Websites /Mobile websites /mobile apps geo /seo lead generation. Your customers are Mobile is your Business?? Want More leads /More Business Mobile will take you there.


We work with every type of business big to small. From pizza shops to goodyear tire stores .Doctors office to fine dining restraunts. every business needs to be Mobile , the only difference is to what degree.

5720 Union Deposit Rd
Harrisburg, PA 17111
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Payment options
Sean Barowski accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards

chamber of commerce memberships. young professional memberships . 37 awards from Klout averaging a score of over 60 month in and month out .

Cities served
Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, Hanover, Lititz, Camp Hill, Ephrata and other cities within 60 miles of Harrisburg.

All the apps we've done for charities would have to be first , then i would say seeing a satisfied customer when they see 60,000 hit to there website monthly from our geo/seo Imamlocal marketing program.

All our websites and apps are unique , each business is unique. This is all figured out in our initial meeting .

That having and app for your business is really 'cool' and the answer to that is the way it drives traffic is even cooler! Imamlocal delivers.

All your business information,contact information . access to this information only speeds the process up for the delivery of a completed product.

It takes Money to make money. This is the most cost effective way for a business to drive customers thru there doors. its a third of the cost of print media and results are seen weekly . Roi/Roe

mobile now is huge when we started it was the 'new' idea . those that saw it are reaping the rewards ahead of the curve.

Month to Month feedback on performance of Mobile website and App. Market penetration is seen Everytime someone shows there phone at your business with a push notification coupon straight to your businesses app on there phone.

Support, is it 24/7? Imamlocals is 24/7.Comes with the service and same day turnaround time .Customer satisfaction is our Number 1 Concern.

25 per month on average . Concentrating in local markets for local market penetration. When a mobile search is done it is an intent to act . Imamlocal delivers!

I Believed since 2010 that mobile was and is the way to grow a business locally with app and targeted promotions thru the app. With information on there phone 24/7 your customers will be checking your app for deals /promotions. Engagement.

That imamlocals customer service is lightning fast . In this industry alot of people get the run around .I promised myself to hold myself and imamlocal standards to the highest degree .100% satisfaction.


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