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I am a patient, dedicated and determined educator who has worked with students privately at all levels including test preparation for over a decade. By working in accordance with your needs, learning style and pace, I will help you understand what math really is and show you how it can be applied in your life to solve problems that each of us encounter on a daily basis. Both individual and group sessions are offered. Because the rates are lower, group sessions are strongly recommended. To request a quote, please call me.

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If customers are looking to save money, I would recommend that they form a group to have group sessions instead of individual sessions.

What they are investing in. Do they just want to hire someone for less to do their work for them only to forget the material later on, or do they want to invest a little more in someone who will actually teach them skills that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives?

Customers should ask about the tutor's goals, what they would like to accomplish while working with you. They should ask about how the tutor teaches and why they teach that way.

Customers may not know that my goal is to teach my clients the skills necessary to not only be successful in whatever they are currently doing, but to also be successful in the future.

I wish customers knew that tutors should not just do the problems for you, but instead they should teach you the skills necessary so that you will be able to solve any type of problem that comes your way. After all, tutors are suppose to be teachers.



Dane Guidon has tutored my elementary and middle school-aged children in math for more than two years. I enthusiastically recommend him. In addition to helping explain school lessons, Dane has on his own initiative taught my kids high school-level math, including logic and algebra. They have risen to every challenge primarily because of Dane's passion for math and his kind, patient, and helpful manner. Dane is not only knowledgeable but also great to work with. He is always understanding and flexible if we need to change a lesson plan or postpone a lesson because of a scheduling conflict. In short, Dane is the best. My husband and I trust him with our kids education because he cares about it as much as we do.


Dane is an exceptionally good tutor! He helped me with a math class that was way over my head and I ended up getting a B. His knowledge is vast and he takes the time to explain everything on a level I can understand. Dane takes pride in his abilities and it shows through his dedication to teaching. I highly recommend Dane to help you with any level of math you are taking. His degree in mathematics was well earned.


Dane is an exceptional tutor who gives you your monies worth. He will not only teach you what you want to know but he'll teach you showing different approaches to view one problem. He's good at challenging you too when you've think you've got something mastered. He's timely, respectful, and very flexible in scheduling, get him while he's available.


Mr. Guidon is a phenomenal tutor. My daughter struggled with Math in 7th grade. Dane came highly recommended by a parent of my daughters classmate. This particular student 'aced' their Math final! That was testimony enough for me.
My 8th grade daughter is now excelling in Math and is one of students in her class. Dane's work with her has helped her to develop not only confidence in Math, but for the first time ever- a love for Math.
I highly recommend Dane. He has an effective way with tutoring teens and his easy going style worked wonderfully with my teen daughter.

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