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  • All Ages (from 7 to 70 and beyond) youths, adults and seniors
  • All styles
  • Personal attention of one-on-one sessions
  • Flexible scheduling to fit your lifestyle
  • Competitive rates group discounts available

I prefer that you have your own guitar there are some exceptions if needed. The guitar may be steel string acoustic guitar, classical guitar or electric guitar.


I teach guitar lessons with a method that is more geared towards fun and being able to socialize with music than with theory (at least in the beginning).

I find that most of my students appreciate this more than having to go through entire guitar lessons devoted to theory.

I have taught students as young as 7 years old and the idea is to keep them interested and vested in completing the current lesson and exploring on their own.


As far as the guitars that I use, I am in the habit now of using my acoustic C.F. Martin & Co. HD28LSV, however when out and about I may bring only a Martin D28.

I also have inherited a Yamaha Clavinova (an electric piano) and can pass for a beginning player. I am an amateur Harmonica player and I play a small amount of both Mandolin and Banjo.

1009 Webster St., NW
Washington, DC 20011
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Ira Strum accepts cash and checks
Hourly rate: From $50

Besides regular private guitar lessons that I started when I was young, I took piano lessons as a regular part of my high school curriculum and this gave me a high degree of knowledge with music theory.

I have earned a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Syracuse University. I have also participated in a number of special workshops with guitar professionals that have reached nationwide notoriety.

This includes a week long intensive at the National Guitar Workshop, blues intensive workshops with Ernie Hawkins, Andy Cohen, and Peter Lang, and bluegrass workshops with Jack Lawrence and Orrin Star.

At many festivals, I participate in open attendance workshops. In addition, I have attended the 2009 IBMA Business Conference in Nashville, TN (International Bluegrass Musicians Association).

Cities served
Washington, Alexandria, Silver Spring, Arlington, Woodbridge, Hyattsville, Fairfax, Gaithersburg, Manassas, Rockville and other cities within 50 miles of Washington.
Services offered

I hold a B.A. from Syracuse University. I find that the skills learned and the subjects studied while attending Syracuse University have helped me communicate the ideas used in playing guitar in multiple fashions.

The methods of communicating with a youth must be different from those of an adult. I use a multitude of similes and metaphors to have the concepts of music theory come across to the students with ease and understanding.

Once a student has decided to stop taking guitar lessons with me, I offer my services on a individual service basis. If they need a transcription of a song or are practicing for a recital, I am able to step in and help in any way necessary. I also keep in touch via email.

How confident is the instructor in their ability to effectively communicate the material in an entertaining manner?

How flexible is the instructor's schedule?

I enjoy as many as 24 students a week at times. It keeps my schedule very busy. I try to allow enough time between each lesson so that I am able to go over practice instructions for the week between each lesson.

This means scheduling so that I have enough time between lessons for traveling and also a quick conversation after the lesson.

Decide on the goals of the student. Are there specific songs that the student wants to learn how to play? Is there a concert, open mic or other performance that the student wants to participate in?

There are many types of questions concerning the cost in dollars and the amount of time it takes to achieve an acceptable level of guitar playing, but the quality of the lessons are determined by many more factors.

Being a professional musician is like being a housewife. Much of the labor is invisible, which leads people to believe it's not "real" work.

I was working in the financial industry and thought it would be fun to teach a lesson or two to pay for groceries for the week.

I taught only one or two lessons consistently for two years. When there were severe changes in the financial industry in 2007, I decided to make music instruction my full time endeavor.

I have been teaching guitar successfully ever since.

I have taught children from the ages of seven to adults aged 65 and older. I teach the basics of how to hold the guitar and pick and also how to use one's fingers in finger-style guitar.

I have taught most styles of music from Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Blues, Bluegrass, Jazz and Pop.

Ask about package deals of multiple lessons or multiple students.


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