It's Fun Face Painting

Face Painting and More in Moss Beach, CA

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It's Fun Face Painting

Face Painting and More in Moss Beach, CA

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About It's Fun Face Painting

It's Fun Face Painting provides amazing art in the SF Peninsula,Coastside, San Franciso, San Mateo Co & Marin.

Services include:

  • Face painting and body art
  • Hair bling (tinsel and faux feather extensions)
  • Costumed appearances (children's events)
  • Studio sessions (pregnant belly bump painting)
  • Commercial and photo shoots)
  • UV body/face art for clubs and night time Events (adults)

Bookings accepted for:

  • Your private party
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Corporate events

Don't wait a minute more before making your reservation for your party! Dates are booking fast! Contact us right away!

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I specialize in providing spectacular Face Painting & Body Art for both children and adults in the San Francisco Penninsula, Coastside, San Mateo County, San Francisco & Marin. You can also catch me at fairs & festivals throughout Northern California! *Face Painting for children's parties, holidays & themed events. *Pregnant Belly Bump Painting is amazing for keepsake photo shoots, baby showers, etc. and can be done right in your home. It's all about *Talent *Imagination & * Fun !


I use non-toxic cosmetic grade professional face paints & cosmetic grade glitters which are removeable with plain old soap & water. Suggested use is for clients Ages 3 - 103 ~

I have temporary tattoo ink which is waterproof and for use as (freehand) body art only as the inks are not reccommended for the face. These temporary inks work great for pool parties and can also work well in conjunction with glitter tattoos.

I do offer UV paints for adults. The UV paints create vivid color themes in daylight and look truely spectacular under black lights.

Questions and Answers

  • What do you recommend to know before hiring you?
The best website does not always = the best art.Your artist will need to know your basic party planning information; date, location, start & end time. It also helps to know about how many people will be painted so you know how long you will need your artist to paint at your event.
  • What types of jobs are the most common?
For private events, children's birthday parties are probably most common followed by picnics/BBQ's and holiday/themed parties.For private/studio sessions, pregnant belly bump painting is a very fun and popular trend. It really commemorates & celebrates the beauty of life in a very special way. Costume makeup for holiday or themed events is also popular amoung adults & children. Take LOTS of pictures!
  • How can we save money hiring you?
Facepainting is a natural for almost any event! It is widely popular and can really draw a crowd as well as provide something for families to do at an otherwise adult event.The first hour of a booking is usually the most expensive as it includes travel time, set up and guarantees a minimum fee for our services. Often, the hourly rates are reduced after the minimum has been met.So, it costs less to hire one artist for three hours than two artists for an hour & a half.Fundraisers and non-profits can hire a facepainter for their event at the artists' hourly rate then turn around and make a profit. How you ask? Have attendees pay a dollar and "spin to win" a face painting session as one of the prizes on your prize wheel (or) Sell tickets for FacePainting for $5 or $10 per person. Just be careful that you have enough painters and/or enough time for your artist to handle your demand.
  • What is important to know about your profession?
It's fun! We love what we do and want to make you &/or your child happy with our art.Rule of thumb for a professional facepainter is usually 8-12 chldren per hour on average, so be sure to hire us for enough time to see all of your guests.
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