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Tons of people view my site. Noone seems to call much. I will save you money. I can't help you if you don't call. I beat any reasonable price. Please call 734-299-1822 i service over a hundred miles radius. Don't hesitate to ask. A estimate is free. J M And Sons Maintenance specializes in affordable installation of furnaces, central air and hot water tanks. We have quality equipment with ten-year warranty.

We will work within your budget.


HVAC installation both standard and dual stage furnaces and central air up to 5 ton. I offer the most affordable prices around.10 year manufaturer warrentynnAlso ductwork and hot water tanksnn


I am a dealer for Famouse supply company.I deal with Concord (which is lennox) and Luxair (which is York)nnBoth good products that i am very happy with

Remodeling cost guides

Window Air Conditioning Cost
Total cost to install window air conditioning in Monroe is around $650 (window a/c for a 440 sq.ft. room - upgraded)

Air Duct Cleaning Cost
Average cost to clean air ducts in Monroe is about $370-$610 (standard professional cleaning)

Gas Central Heating Installation Cost
Total cost to install a gas central heating in Monroe is about $7,320 - $9,760 (pre-existing duct)

Heat Pump Cost
Typical cost to install a heat pump system in Monroe is around $9,150 (2,000 sq.ft. house - geothermal)

Air Conditioning Cost
Average cost to install air conditioning in Monroe is over $3,050 (ductless a/c for 2000 sq.ft. zone)

Monroe, MI 48162
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Payment options
Jeff GiLL accepts cash

Refrigeration certified.I am a authorized dealer for Monroe MI for Famouse supply co

Cities served
Detroit, Toledo, Ann Arbor, Warren, Sterling Heights, Livonia, Dearborn, Ypsilanti, Farmington, Westland and other cities within 75 miles of Monroe.

I provide 1 year warranty on my workmanship. If I did cause a problem, it's fixed at no charge.

Very family oriented.I have 5 kids ,2 boys and that where J.M. and sons comes from.

How long have you been in the business? Questions about the equipment. How long is the warranty?

That i am very honest and will never lie about what you need to make an extra buck.I just cant do it.

Questions about the equipment,warrenty stuff like that.nnI pride myself on trying to make everone happy

I offer great deals on both furnace and central air packages.So usually people will get both done at the same time. For example typically a 70,000 btu 95% furnace and 2 ton central air is installed for around $3100

There is top of the line and in between.All your paying for with the big names is just that name.They all make cheaper versions of them like for example Concord is a Lennox product.Same parts different cabinet.I would never put in one of the expensive ones.There is also really cheap ones i would stay away from as well.

Started when i was 19 and have been doing HVAC work for over 20 years.I have pretty much did and seen anything to do with heating and cooling.For about 6 years i worked as a maintenance engineer for a very large industrial company working on their commercial HVAC equipment.I since have started on my own and love what i do.If you need reliable call me.

Reliability.I cant tell you how many times someone beats my estimate by just a little and the customer uses them and they call back and got burned.Then it cost them twice as much to get it done right.Point being if its someone who is cutting prices that much,they are not in it for customer only to make a buck and will never be back.

I average about 80-120 installs a year.On top of hot water tanks,service,other small things.I stay pretty busy and have good reputation.



Very affordable and excellent experience. Quickly installed my furnace and air. Would definitely recommend.

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