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Arellano's Remodel

Cabinet Refacing, Custom cabinets, Home Remodeling in Pompano Beach, FL

Pompano Beach, FL

About Arellano's Remodel

Besides our custom cabinetry custom built furniture in our own cabinet shop in pompano Beach. And our kitchen, bath and office remodeling that we have been doing since 1999.

We expanded in 2007 into full home and business remodeling and construction Inside and out. Flooring with hardwood, veneered wood, laminated, tile. Granite and marble. Drywall and plastering walls and ceilings. All finishes, knockdown, orange peal, sand, flat. painting, glazing. Roofing: new and repair. Windows, doors, framing, stucco, electrical and plumbing. Complete new construction, residential and commercial. Structural, and interior remodeling.

We expanded into full remodeling in 2007, that covers all areas of construction and renovations for the home and business. Flooring with hardwood, laminated, tile. Granite and marble. Drywall and Plastering Walls, ceilings. All finishes with stucco and plastering, Painting inside and out. Roofing: new and repair, windows, doors, framing. New construction residential and commercial. Structural, and interior remodeling.


Cabinet refacing. Custom cabinetry such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, which would include wood ,thermofoil and mica furnishings for the home and office. Also repairs of said items and conversions as in reducing a fridge cabinet size to fit a new fridge


The products to make my products are top quality. The type of plywoods, door manufacturers and so on are companies I have used through out the years. The one's who have stood by their products and still give me a fair price... are the on'es that I'm still dealing with.

Pompano Beach, FL 33069
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Pablo Arellano accepts cash and checks

School of hard knocks. Experience and the teachings of my Father is all I needed to put me where I'm at today.

Cities served
Hialeah, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, North Miami Beach and other cities within 50 miles of Pompano Beach.

Most common with me are the cabinet refacing jobs. Because My Father actually was on of the first (that I know of) that actually tried it. And when he asked other cabinet companies what they thought of the Idea. He got most saying that it was a dumb idea because it wouldn't fly. Now most are singing a different tune. But all in all, we are pretty much rounded out between refacing and new custom cabinetry today.

I Joined my Father about a year after he had started the cabinet business. Which was back in 1974-1975.

Hard to say. Normally people would think a large job would be the answer. But I'm pretty proud of most of the work I have completed throughout the year. Large and small. It's where the customer is really happy with finished product that makes me feel the most proud.

Ask for referals, How long in business, To be able to check out jobs if possible that had been completed by the company. I started about 38 years ago wit my Father and continue today with with the knowledge from back then to the new things I learn as more ideas come out.

What type of material they want to have there custom pieces made with. The heights , widths, and other measurements (within a few inches) is also helpfull. The more they think about what they want will help in saving some money rather the cabinet man designing the whole thing. Because that time will go into his pricing.

That my other car is still the same truck I drove up in. I'm not making a killing in this business. But can sometimes can make a comfortable living while other times tighting the belt. So make sure you get a few estimates before thinking I'm too expensive. And make sure your getting the same things.

That I'm really 60 and not 35. I know it's hard to believe... but alas true.

Funny. I've never really counted. In this business the work load goes up and down. I pretty much just go by that I'm working at least 6 days a week (sometimes seven). And usually keep at least one man busy full time all year and another part time. I have a few back up people who have worked with my Father and myself through out the years and will still jump in when we get really busy. But there have been some slow times also when the economy hit the skids. Which is why The way I work in my help is great. Since I don't really lay off those guys. I just let them know how much work we will be doing for a certain time.

How tall am I? How much do I weigh? You know those real important questions

We back up all of our work. And will go back if there are any problems with our craftsmanship and it shows after. Of course we can't be responsible for the material. But our vendors do have some warrenties (such as doors and drawer fronts. If that occurs. The prouct would be replaced according to how much of a warrenty they offer. Of course that would not include the labour in that case. Normally we gaurantee (our work for a year unless otherwise noted).

Don't go for all the fancy stuff that go into the cabinets.


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