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I had James inspect my home and was drawn to him because of the NACHI certifications. Low and behold, he missed several things: toilet issues, leaking doors, and gas furnace violations identified by Ameren. Now, a couple of years later, I have found that I have a major water issue with my fireplace that should have been apparent at the time James inspected my home. I know this because the fireplace inspector was at my home in 2001 for the exact same issue that the previous owners (not whom I purchased from) sought a bid. The Fireplace has noticeable bricks cracking, white stains on the bricks on the inside of the house; a certified and competent inspector should have caught this issue, and as a result, I will be out thousands of dollars in costs to repair the fireplace. Clearly, this issue would have been addressed in the real estate transaction and is a prime example of what I expect NACHI certified inspectors to identify. DO NOT USE THIS INSPECTOR!

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