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Jay-B & Group Services, LLC

Home Improvement in Houston, TX

Houston, TX

About Jay-B & Group Services, LLC

Jay-B & Group Services LLC is a locally owned business that is concern with home improvement, offices and making life better through the various services we offered. We have been servicing the Houston area for about 7 years more and still doing so with great customer satisfaction. We are LICENSED and INSURED.

We are a group of expertise from various field. The minimum experience within Jay-B and Group is 8 years in handling of Residential and Commercial projects, Electronic Installation, networking, Assembling, Painting, Carpentry, and all remodeling refinishing. We cover almost 50 miles away from Houston and our services are exceptionally great both in customer services and the quality of services we delivered.

We also offer entertainment designs, security installation for homes and offices via our electronic means of receiving work orders from small business, we are also a vendor to many companies in Houston area.

Jay-B & Group is a Professional Service men and women that delivers what is been promised to clients and our contractors. Whenever you ready to initiate your project, contact JBG and you will received the best estimate that is unbeatable.

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We are specialized group of people that handles all basic projects for commercials and home owners. Our areas of specialty ranges from Painting, Carpentry, Appliance Repair and Installation, Furniture refinishing and repair, Lighting Fixtures installation and home security installation. We are not jack of all trade but a departmental area of specialization. We have about 8 Professionals that are curved into all of these projects. Many of your great references come from real home owners that had referred us to many of their colleagues and company. We are still the same in our quality services assurance and guaranteed.


We are not limited by brand or product manufactures since our job is majorly on the field. If a product is not good then we call for replacement and we do not show interest in any particular products. All products are up to the customer to decide which in most cases they purchase themselves before handling over to our services expertise for installation or assembly. Therefore we are available for all products and have mastered most of all the products. Although there are shortcomings to some product which I will not mention.

Remodeling cost guides

Handyman Cost
Typical average cost to hire a handyman in Houston is about $120 - $370 (per project basis e.g. fixing tiles)

2500 Wilcrest Dr., 300
Houston, TX 77042
Contact Debbie J
Payment options
Debbie J accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards
Hourly rate: From $50 to $270

We are graduate students in different field of study. Professional license in field work and no license required for basic handyman job.

Cities served
Houston, Pasadena, Pearland, Sugar Land and Missouri City

We recommend that professional in our line of contract have their references available and should be able to discuss in full length their past and present projects completed. We love to see what you do by explanation and proof of snapshot.

We started during our early year in college. We sat together and think of how best we can impact our community by working for free. Then we began to work for free by offering services to people in our community for a free of charge and then we were given stipends. From there it became an interesting thing. So, we hired more professional and skilled workers to join us in fulfilling some of the project we were allocated. We got trained by most of the licensed specialize contractors and attended some of their free training program, conferences and community errands in other to be fully updated about general contracting.

Today we are doing great and ensuring that our customers are satisfied. We know this via paying a close attention to each review that we received, we do follow-up and ask customers question to know if they are satisfied with the type of services they have received from us. We empower our-self by taking into account every bit of reviews and comments. We are not there yet, many rooms for us to do greater jobs with the opportunity of hiring our company.

We are open and always willing to work with our customers who are willing to save some money. We offer credit programs and depending on the task at hand. Should any customers who do not meet any of these required conditions, we advised them to wait or take each project one step at time. By so doing, they will get things done at their ease of time and budget.

We do strongly recommend that they work according to their budget by taking each project one step at a time. We sometimes encourage them to fix the major issues that seem unsafe. Although, our standard pricing is on the average and unbeatable. So it always works with many of our contracted customers. These also depend on the term of contracts and duration.

In a monthly basis we do more than 8 major projects and while minor projects can add up to 16 on monthly basis. On the average for a year, we have recorded more than 189 projects in both simple and basic projects. Presently our estimated number is about 78 projects, we track through the number of times we are hired in all of the means to bidding for project. Although there are other small task projects that were not recorded at all because they were just a simple fix which does not need to be recorded. Take for instance a customer needed to change a light bulb. That of course we will not take it to be a major project.

How much do you charge per hour? Some jobs are not billed on hourly bases; we have to see the project before we conclude on moving forward.

How soon can you start? We can schedule you right away

We are very strong in follow-up. Many of our customers can speak about our system of follow-up after completed services. So, that avoids any negative feedback but makes customers happy with their project completed. Knowing that, their contractor is available anytime for their services. Our waiting period of customer satisfaction is exceptional compare to other pros out there. That has made us to be very outstanding and excellent in our customer dealings. Also it build a strong relationship between our customer and our pros

We have helped most home owner who want to put their home in the market. Most of the project can take between 3 to 8 days. We went above and beyond to ensure that all inspection is passed before home is placed on the market.

This is one of the areas that, we get most busy on because our services are very reliable and honest. We work on timely and meet schedule 99 out of 99 times.

We are very accurate and straightforward in all transaction of the contract.

We are specializing in simple and basic renovation for homes and offices.

Customers must understand what they really want to do, research few things about the projects in question, ask question from reliable source, and find out what the estimate should look like before considering a Pro. By so doing, this will allow them to be fully aware of their project and not that alone, some of the basic project might ended up been a DIY which we do encourage in some cases. Other reason of fully awareness is that, customers will know what will come out of their pocket (budgeting). Although few customers hardly do this and that is why some end up paying a token for a project that worth more, and at the end, they get a bad job done by some Pros who are just out there for money instead of quality assurance. These could be vice-versa. We have talked to many customer with bitter experience in some of their projects that was completed by some Quack Pro. It is good that customers are well informed about their project.

So, we do strongly recommend that our client do some basic research not intense in other to help their project budget instead of going off-the-track. There are true-cost link that will be of help online. Please take advantage of it and know what you are spending your money on. That is when they encounter a quote that seems too high; they can discern pricing and still get the best. Other than that, they may not get the best due to lack of research.

One thing we understand is that, it becomes a very high risk for any customers to hire a contractor who is not insured or bonded. That leaves them to on their own if anything happened. It is almost similar to buying a non-tested devices that is been sold As Is. So, whatever consequences they are faced with then, it is a no moving forward but to seek for a redo or starting over.

What we really want our customers to know is that, we are not just any how contractors but a decent, honest, trustworthy, budget friendly, licensed and insured contractor. This is what gives customers rest of mind knowing that, if anything happens, they will take care of it and by the way, they are fully insured. So, there is no cause for alarm.

  • Exterior Painting and Interior Home and Office Painting
  • Home Renovation and Remodeling
  • Cabinet Installation and Repair
  • Faucet and Plumbing Services
  • Carpentry-Patio renovation and repair
  • Deck Staining and Pressure washing

Since first impression matters and last longer, we want to ensure that our customers get the message from the start. We do not hide anything nor information that will benefit our customers. That, there is nothing a customer does not know about our company because we are open ended pros.

We are friendly and very professional. If there be anything a customer did not know about us would be that, the customer is yet to meet with us in person or whether online. But once they met or know about our company, all of our information are online and on the web for them to know more about us. We share our information about the company online for them to read.



I really appreciate the good work of John and his team, very understanding and keeps asking if I was satisfied. We had our home remodeled and it looked so beautiful, Thanks Jay-B group.


Great Contractor

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