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Carpentry and Remodeling Services in Hillsborough, NC

Hillsborough, NC

About JH Carpentry

I offer carpentry and handyman services in the Durham, Hillsborough, Chapel Hill, and other nearby areas.

I offer good quality work with over 15 years of experience. I also service other areas; just ask. I guarantee all work performed. No job is too small.

The services I perform are listed below:

  • Decks
  • Wood fencing
  • Siding
  • Remodeling
  • Door and window repair and replacement
  • Rotten wood repair
  • Painting
  • Roof leak repair
  • Gutter cleaning/gutter guards
  • Handyman services


  • Decks
  • Wood fences
  • Remodeling
  • Rotton wood repair
  • Door/Window repair/Replacement
  • painting
  • Roof leak repair
  • Gutter cleaning/Gutter guards


  • West coast
  • Georgia Pacific
  • PVC
  • Wheyer houser
  • Dewalt
  • Portal Cable
  • Pressure Treated Meritech
  • Yellow Pine

Hillsborough, NC 27278
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Payment options
Bobby Hamilton accepts cash and checks

Hands on experience.You can take a class for 5 years,but you wont have the the experience like you would like hands on experience.

Cities served
Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Burlington, Apex, Graham, Roxboro, Mebane and Hillsborough

Follow-up maintenance, cleanup, and any other work they need done.

  • Are you insured? yes
  • Can you provide references? yes
  • Doyou know what you are doing? yes
  • Do you clean up when you are done? yes
  • Will you work with me on price? yes

I have done a bathroom remodel job about 4 months ago.I tore out a small single window and replaced it with a huge triple window.I also relocated the door and tore out a closet wall so the bathroom will be bigger.The job turned out real nice, and the customer was very happy.

I was working for a paint company doing carpentry work on houses before the painters were to paint. The carpenters I was working with did not take pride in their work. They did not care what it looked like as long as it got done and they got paid. We butted heads over that, and they fired me. So I want to do good work for people.

To go with a chaeper brand of material.But it would not hold up for as long.I am a firm believer in you getting what you pay for.You can also go about the job a different way.

  • Are you insured?
  • Do you have any references?
  • What do you recommend?
  • What kind of material do you use?
  • Do you do the work yourself?

It is not as easy as it looks. Some people will do the job themselves to try to save money. But they don't know every detail and end up messing up, so it ends up costing them more in the long run.

Repair jobs

People trying to sell their house so they need to have certian things fixed before they can sell it.

24 to 30 depending on how big or small.

I have an eye for detail.I do work hard & go out of my way to make sure they are happy.


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