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Hello, my name is Joe Goodrow. I am a photographer and videographer, TV commercial and infomercial producer,

as a producer and videographer. I have produced car dealer advertising in long and short formats, including a weekly automotive program, "The Electronic Showroom." I've also done a half-hour real estate show called, "TV Open House," and a motorcycle lifestyle show called "The Run."

I've done training and marketing videos. I've also done local news coverage of events, including spot news on local and network affiliates.

Currently I am producing the TV Auto Showroom. A weekly automotive sales show

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My forte is independent television and online media production. I develope an idea and produce it for distribution on internet channels like YouTube and Vemeo, or Cable TV. Recent programs include "TV OPEN HOUSE" a monthly Real estate Show, The ELECTRONIC SHOWROOM" a weekly Automotive advertising Show. "THE RUN" a monthly motorcycle lifestyle Show. TV Commercial Infomercials, I have done training marketing and all forms of video presentation.

If you need a video presentation I have the experience to get it done.


I shoot with Canon Cameras, audio is field recorded on a Tascam DR40 and mastered in post. Everything is shot on digital media. I will no longer use tape. I distribute on

DVD blueray, standard DVD Youtube, Vemeo, and other channels.

Worcester, MA 01609
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Payment options
Joe Goodrow accepts cash, checks and Paypal
Hourly rate: From $95 to $125

Certifications are not required in television, but I was a former Chapter president and regional VP for the International Television Assn. I have a BA from Worcester State College with A major in Media communications , and English.

Cities served
Boston, Providence, Worcester, Springfield, Hartford, Manchester, Lowell, Cambridge, Brockton, Fall River and other cities within 100 miles of Worcester.
Services offered

The work is never finished. When you produce a program or commercial or presentation you can always do something to make it better. Photos can be photoshopped, audio and video can be tweeked or re-recorded to make it better. You start with a vision and a goal and you are limited only by what you are willing to spend. I work on projects until the customer is

happy with the outcome, until goals are met.

Television as we have known it is changing, and TV media is

Common jobs are day shoots video or photographic., website building, editing. audio recording. Script writing. Music selection, there are so many thing that can be part of the production process. there are no jobs too small... I can and will consider any phase of the process available.

Be ready to present your ideas. present your script.

have a reasonable budget.

I am A closet performer. I secretly would like to be in front of the camera. It's hard to watch a movie without analyzing the various production elements happening on the screen.

I started in television in 1984 when I purchased my first professional Camera. I was an independent news camera person working freelance for TV Stations in the New England area 4,5,7 and on the Networks NBC, CBS, CNN and others, and for New England satellite Systems. Later I became an independent producer, with programs on Charter TV 3 in Central Mass.

How much will it cost to make my video? A. tell me more about your project. what is your budget.

How long will it take? A. tell me more about your production.

People in this profession have a gift, creativity. the ability to communicate an idea and transform it to media. in a creative process unique to that person. photography, and video composition, lighting, script visualization, graphics creation, sound manipulation, editing. This is an art. Anyone can operate a camera and software. It takes a special talent to create a program that's interesting, and communicate it in media. When you hire a professional you are paying for that intangible ingredient of creativity.

If you are looking for a professional certainly ask about past works. Ask about the equipment they use. is it digital, HD, or SD? What formats do they work in? What is their style of production. do they use a lot of lighting, Can they shoot run and gun style, or does every shot have to be a major motion picture setup, Can they breakdown a script. can they work without a script. Are my expectation realistic for the quality of production I am looking for? What will this production cost? Should I do this myself?

On average I have worked on 2 to 4 projects a year. I prefer to work on one project that is actually many small projects within itself. Like a weekly TV show, or a monthly show.

a Commercial may take a week, Infomercial take longer. a shoot as little as a few hours. an event perhaps a day.

If you want to save money, Be prepared. You may want to consider doing it yourself. Use a smart phone, or a home camcorder and take your own video.

edit it yourself with a computer program like Windows Movie Maker.


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