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Junksters specializes in foreclosure clean outs, cleaning garages, sheds, attics and basements. We can even do old pole barns and buildings and haul-away of all trash and appliances.

We can also do a complete professional organization of all those buildings as well!

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We specialize in foreclosure clean outs, garage clean outs. We can haul away any metal, appliances or just plain junk you have.


No specific brands to list. I do use dumpsters and in certain situations we use shovels and rakes. Just depends on the job. If you have a product you want us to use, just ask!!

Remodeling cost guides

Sewer Line Cleaning Cost
Typical average cost to clean the sewer line in Salem is over $150 (standard professional cleaning)

Roof Cleaning Cost
Average cost to clean a roof in Salem is about $180 - $220 (low pressure wash with minor upgrades)

House Cleaning Service Cost
Average cost to hire a house cleaning service in Salem is about $50 - $90 (weekly cleaning - 2000 sq.ft home)

Window Cleaning Cost
Average cost to hire window cleaning services in Salem is around $220 - $290 (20 windows panes - interior & exterior - 1500 sq.ft., one story house)

Carpet Cleaning Cost
Total cost to hire carpet cleaning services in Salem is over $40 (12' x 18' carpet)

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Aaron Byers accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards

I am a 120 hr licensed fire fighter.

Cities served
Alliance and Salem

My first one. A family had just bought a home and the people who lived there before had not cleaned out the old attached garage in the back. We had the garage cleaned out in 2 hours and reorganized with the new families belongings in another hour. The smiles we got were payment enough!!

After seeing my parents go through the loss of many things due to a cluttered garage and attic, I decided to help all families get more organized.

Foreclosure clean outs, rental clean outs and hoarder clean outs. Those are the three most common. I would recommend complete removal of every item in all three cases.

Take advantage of selling your old stuff. We can set you up with the accounts and the places where you can make the most money.

Between 12 and 36 depending on weather. Time of year is also a factor. We get more calls in the fall then in anytime of the year

Professional Organization. After we clean out, we offer you the chance for us to help you reorganize with the items you do not throw away.



These guys did great! We were remodeling a kitchen, Junksters came in and took all the old stuff out within an hour!


Aaron was excellent at clearing out our barn. Three dumpsters full of stuff. Only took him and his crew 4 hours and he charged less than $100 an hour!

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