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Hi, my name is Katelin Thompson. I am a college student trying to start my own pet care business. I have been doing pet care and sitting for over 11 years now.

I offer in-home pet sitting and care. I also do basic grooming of both dogs and cats. I will go anywhere within Boone and Story County.


I do pet sitting, dog walking and basic animal grooming both dogs and Cats. I can handle dogs of all sizes and breeds.

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Pet Proofing Cost
Typical cost to pet proof a house in Ames is around $480 (pet gates, furniture protection and invisible fence)

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Katelin Thompson accepts cash and checks

Right now I am working with a friend's dog to teach her leash manners and impulse control. I have been working with her for 3 days and she is already able to recognize the commands heal, sit, and lay.

Is the care taker comfortable with the pet breed you own and does the person have basic knowledge of common issues that come with certain breeds? Can the care taker do simple first aid if the need would arise?

I clean up any messes made during the duration of my care and I also do some manner training as I pet sit. I expect respect from all animals I watch and work with the pet to teach them how to be respectful.

If looking to cut costs stay local and find someone like me who isn't certified but still has plenty of experience.

Vet information including clinic, numbers, paperwork( rabies, distemper, ect.), contact numbers( yours and local friends)

I got started by neighbors and family friends offering me to watch their pets. As i got older and was able to drive I expanded my services and range of care.

Most common jobs for me are pet sitting and dog walking. I have done a few groomings of both dogs and cats.

I take time to make every animal feel loved. each animal I take care of gets the same amount of attention. Don't be quick to shrug off an uncertified person; often times they have more time to take care of your pet due to smaller service areas and fewer customers.



Kate has been caring for our dog for about five years. She does a marvelous job. She is reliable, responsible, complete in following directives and trustworthy. She spends more time than requested with the dog because she loves our dog and our dog loves her! The dog gets excited just seeing her car! She always goes above and beyond what we have asked of her. I would strongly recommend her as a pet sitter!

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