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exceptional care for your pet when you can't be there. care for your cat when you can't be home. All of their needs are met with lots of love and affection. We are insured and bonded.relax and enjoy your time away knowing that your dog or cat will receive the love and attention that they deserve.

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Pet Proofing Cost
Total cost to pet proof a house in Bellmawr is around $580 (pet gates, furniture protection and invisible fence)

Bellmawr, NJ 08099
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goodbye no worry accepts cash

I am Insured and Bonded by Pet Sitters Associates, LLCnI also have several references available upon request.

Cities served
Camden, Cherry Hill, Blackwood, Merchantville and Bellmawr
Services offered

When I initially meet a client I have them fill out paperwork with questions all about their pets likes, dislikes, fears, favorite toys/games. Make sure they are up to date on shots, if they have any medical conditions and if they require medication. I write down what a typical day for them is like at home, etc..I also take a picture of their pet. The next time they need me to pet sit the process is much faster because I have all the information needed to refer back to. Any changes can easily be added. I also return their key free of charge (I was surprised to learn many pet sitters charge the client for this service!)

I would like people to know that my husband and I do all of the pet care ourselves. We don't subcontract out work.

Summer is always a busy time for pet sitters! One service I offer that I don't believe many others offer is...I will watch your dog alone for just an additional $10 a night. It's very hard to find a person to care for your dog when he is frightened of other dogs or doesn't get along with other dogs! I encourage owners to book their dates well in advance if they prefer their dog not to be around other dogs!!!

I recently cared for a dog that was used to being put in a shelter, each dog was kept in their own cage. The poor little guy was so terrified. He couldn't even eat. When his family came to pick him up he looked thinner and appeared to be very frightened. The family contacted me and told me about the way their dog behaved when he was seperated from his family. They were very hesitant about even going away! When he first arrived at my house he seemed scared and would not eat, just one day later we were playing, taking walks, and cuddling together on the couch. He bonded with me that quickly! He was happy and eating! It was a sad day when the time came for him to go home but I was thrilled that his family could now look forward to going on vacation because they had finally found a place where he would be loved!

I had been a stay at home mom up until my youngest was 13. I decided I would like to make some money to supplement our income, but it had to be something I would really enjoy doing. I met a neighbor that was a pet sitter. After talking to her, I decided that would be the perfect job for me. I love and enjoy animals! I started with a well known pet sitting company, however, I was not happy with the way the company was run. So...I decided to start my own business! Three years later and I am still caring for animals and have never had any regrets! I truelly love each and every animal I get the opportunity to care for!

Compare prices! It's not uncommon for certain businesses to give you a boarding price, for example, without mentioning that there is an additional fee each time they take your dog outside to play or to go for a walk, etc...

1) Are you Insured and Bonded?n2) How many dog's do you board in your home at one time? Including how many dog's you have of your own!n3) Will you board just one dog at a time?n4) Are the dog's you board up to date on all shots?n5) Are they the one that will be caring for your pet or do they subcontract?n6) How much time do you spend with my cat during a visit?


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