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Custom New and Remodeled Homes and Small Light Commercial Designs/Project Management in Evansville, WI

Evansville, WI

About Kevin J. Check Designs

My name is Kevin J. Check. I'm a 20 year Architectural-Residential Designer/Project Manager

Services I offer include:

  • Project/Construction Management
  • Custom Residential New and Remodeled Home Designs
  • Custom Small Light Commercial New, Remodeled and Build out designs
  • Building Material Take-offs
  • Design Consultation
  • Building Material Knowledge

In business for 20 years Covering the State of Wisconsin.

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I specialize in Designs of New Homes and Remodeling Projects, Custom Woodworking and Cabinet Refacing/Doors and Drawer fronts. Construction Project Management Services.


I work with all types of stains/finishes: Minwax , Varathane, PPG, Valspar, Diamond Vogel, Sherwin Williams, and Hallman Lindsay Brands. Hard and Softwoods :hickory, ash, poplar, pine, oak, cherry, maple, mahogany and exotic hardwoods.

Remodeling cost guides

Feng Shui Design Cost
Typical cost to implement feng shui design in Evansville is over $470 (one in-person consultation for an average home by a consultant)

Outdoor Lighting Cost
Average cost to install outdoor lighting in Evansville is about $3,570 (800 sq.ft. backyard - 20 lighting fixtures)

Interior Design Cost
Total cost to hire an interior designer in Evansville is about $50 - $190 (per hour, small project)

Bathroom Design Cost
Total cost to design a bathroom in Evansville is over $3,760 (to hire a bathroom designer to provide standard design services)

Outdoor Lighting Cost
Typical cost to install outdoor lighting in Evansville is over $3,570 (800 sq.ft. backyard - 20 lightning fixtures)

Evansville, WI 53536
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Payment options
Kevin Check accepts cash and checks
Hourly rate: From $20 to $20

Im a retired Wisconsin licensed and insured dwelling contractor of 19 years of experience. Factory certified installer of 17 decking products, Engineered wood flooring, Siding, Exterior Trims, Underdeck water diversion systems, Foundation drainage systems, Insulation and Gutter Guard Covers.

Cities served
Rockford, Algonquin, Dekalb, Crystal Lake, New Berlin, Round Lake, Menomonee Falls, Carpentersville, Lake Villa, Mchenry and other cities within 105 miles of Evansville.

Depends on the market vibe, it can vary from 1-10 or more depending how popular my SEO and social media is looked at. In years past 30 projects was on the boards and completed to customers satisfaction.

The most frequent questions from customers that I get is the project worth the money and some inconvenience to get the better outcome and have a project that I could be proud of?

The answer is that each project done on a home brings value to the home in a way if you are going to live for awhile in the home and enjoy what the project brings to your lives or if you are deciding to sell that are you going to add value to the sell price.

I finished the deck for my mother-in-law over a year ago before she passed on from cancer. She asked me to build the deck before I went on our honeymoon ( I married her oldest daughter but she was still younger than me by two years) I designed the deck and had the materials ordered before going on our honeymoon and came to her home to have the materials delivered and started the project within a week but in the fall before the snow flies and finished it in the spring. She got only a month to enjoy the deck before she died and I have followed through with the other projects that she wanted done around the house and we moved into her house and took it over when we transferred her from here to a hospice center. I took great pride in seeing her enjoy her deck before moving on to heaven and I still feel her presence on the deck when I'm standing outside and she is smiling down at me for giving her the deck she wanted.

The most types of jobs that are most common are Kitchens/Bathrooms because they add value to a home if you were selling. I have seen and constructed projects of every level in a home and some are just for safety reasons and others because a change is needed. Decks and outdoor living spaces is the second most common job. New windows, doors, insulation and siding to improve curb appeal. Landscaping is another popular improvement for your home.

  • What is your project?
  • What is your budget?
  • Timeline?
  • What is your expected outcome from the project?

Any problems associated with the project in regard to damage that has been present.

Have your ideas either in a folder or online to what your tastes are for materials and finishes for your project.

Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured.

How long have you been in business.

I'm a hard worker to complete a project to my high level of satisfaction and this will show to my customer that I care about the outcome of a project, if it doesn't look right to me then, it will not to my client and I make sure that the customer satisfaction is #1

Search and shop around for the best products, but the most important thing is that will this project pay for itself in the long term when we come to sell the home (added value) or is the project more than the value of the home and provide no resale added value. I would also look to your budget as a guideline because if you can't afford the project and decide to go ahead with it, you could lose money on your investment or might have financial problems down the road.

  • 1. Are you licensed and Insured
  • 2. Years of Experience
  • 3. References
  • 4. Products used ( Green building)
  • 5. Professionalism and Trust
  • 6. Responsibility for damages
  • 7. Upfront honesty about project, is it workable?
  • 8. how large is your team?

I originally got the business started as a designer on a shoestring and over the years when clients would call me to hire me and ask the question if I was a contractor as well and when I told them that I was not a contractor, this started to close off projects. I decided to follow that advice and became a licensed/insured contractor that designs his own projects and construct them. I have returned to being a designer, custom woodworker and construction project manager. I bring my experience from learning home construction and remodeling from my family since 4 years old and continued to learn and completing projects since.

We are not like the contractors that are on the home improvement shows. We are real life everyday contractors that do our jobs well. The contractors on tv are acting for the cameras to give the show a boost. Homeowners need to understand each of our trades and how we do our work. I have had homeowners try to understand or think they understand our work and try to work with us on a project to be part of it, but this can be a big issue if they get hurt and since we are insured, we take that risk.

I follow up to see how the project has worked out for the client, was it what they expected or beyond. I also provide a maintenance program depending on what the project was. I provide a consulting service if they have future projects that could bring value to the home if they are planning to sell. I would provide names and numbers of other related contractors in trades for areas that I don't specialize in.


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