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About King's Choice Movers LLC

King's Choice Movers LLC is a moving company dedicated to professionalism.


  • Packing and un-packing
  • Loading and unloading
  • Internal and external
  • Wrapping
  • Padding
  • Local and long distance moves
  • We supply material

We offer our service to Atlanta,Decatur, Austell, Riverdale, and any other surrounding areas. Our rates start at $75/hr. with a 2hr. minimum of $185 for 2 experts and 1 truck.

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At Kings Choice Movers we feel if its important to you its important to us, we specialize in moving objects safely, wrapping, padding, internal and external moves, and much more

Decatur, GA 30032
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Payment options
King's Choice Movers LLC accepts cash and checks
Hourly rate: From $70 to $150
Cities served
Atlanta, Smyrna, Duluth, Ellenwood, Mableton, Stockbridge and Decatur
Services offered

Everything that is needed must be done on your clock, unless its something small like moving the couch a little bit.

We average between 200-500 customers a year.

In the few years established I truly believe there is not another profession that could compare to moving. It is a stressful job, not including the different physical obstacles you have to encounter with furniture that always vary in size and weight.

Is the company insured?n* Do they have anything to wrap the furniture with?n* Do they have moving dollies?

If you are looking to save money make sure anything that needs to be broke down is as so before the movers get there, any small miscellaneous items (fax machines, cable boxes, and anything else that can possibly fit in your car), if your on the 3rd floor or have an elevator with a long walk understand that it may take a while longer

One Experts in the field of moving decided that he wanted an establishment in the same buisness where they could offer great work, great workers, for half the price.

The most frequent question that we hear as movers are the following:nQ: Do we have to take the drawers out the dresser?nA: No.nQ: Do we have to remove the pillows off of the sofa?nA: No.

When looking for a professional in our trade you always want to see if they can pad and shrink wrap then you want to see if they are good with turns and other angles that could potentially be found in a common home.

That moving is not just picking up items and moving them, there are precise turns with bulky furniture and a lot of communication between both the customer and moving experts

The job most recent that I would say I'm most proud of would be in december we moved a war Veteran the job started in the afternoon and ended the following morning the customer was so satisfied he left a testamony on the site.



Great company great guys very efficient.


I needed to move ASAP and when I contacted other moving companies, they never responded to my request. When I contacted King's Choice, they got back to me quickly and had me moved the next day. The two men who moved my stuff were hard working and professional.


Nice dudes! I recommend them to everyone I know. Very professional; no complaints from me at all! In fact if I give them the highest rating – five-star ratings!


Don't second guess these guys. This moving company is truly the best that I've dealt with in a long time, they’re young so they just keep going and going. They are well spoken, etc. etc. I could go on all day! They are great!


I called Kings Choice Movers to provide a service for me at the beginning of July 2012 and they exceeded my expectations. I have 3 desks and they were all built inside the rooms (may not be a big deal). Every moving service that I've used could not get them out of the rooms, leaving me to break it down. Kings Choice Movers really came through.

These guys know what they are doing! Use them! The amount that I paid was great and the service was the best!


I've called several so-called “big name movers” and each one gave me problems throwing up all kinds of red flags before getting them out to house for the actual move. By this time my back was up against the wall with only one day left to move. Well, I was recommended King’s Choice Movers. I never heard of them but again my back was up against wall with no other chose at that point.

I called them on a late Saturday afternoon and needed them to move me by the next day. They gave me a quote that I thought was way too good to be true. After the first 2 hours, their prices were less than half than any company I've contacted. Of course, we've always been told that anything too good to be true that you better run from the situation!

Well this was the best moving experience that I've ever received including any company or military moves I've done over the years. My move took about 12 hours. They started at 3:45pm Sunday and didn't complete until 4am Monday morning. These were some true soldier-like movers like I've never seen before with the highest level of professionalism. The move was very brutal and the temperatures were unseasonably cold that night and not one time they lost any professional bearing along the way.

I'm a 12 year US Marine Corps Vet. If I had to go to combat, I would want Byron and Alvin to be by my side all the way! They are a very positive reflection more importantly to themselves and to pick up and go movers. Byron came into my home with the paperwork to explain all of the details and at the end, he said that I promise you that we are professionals, you are in good hands and that this will be your best moving experience in history.

Well guess what – he was telling the truth. My best moving experience ever! It's now been three day has passed and I still talking about it to friends and family. It all falls with anyone else in the company. Request Byron and Alvin for your movers! In my professional opinion, they should be managing King’s Choice Movers.

If I had gone with anyone else, I would have easily spent over $2,000 with nowhere near the care of my furniture. I spent less than a $1,000 with 12 hours of work. Get out the calculators and do the math on the other so call, "big moving companies." They cannot hold a candle to the price and quality of work that I've personally experience with the 2 workers I've mentioned for King’s Choice Movers! Five thumbs up!

My move date: 4/22/12 at 3:45pm

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