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Scottsdale, AZ

About KIS Weight Loss and Maintenance, LLC

KIS Weight Loss and Maintenance, LLC is a personalized weight loss and maintenance program. A weight loss counselor will meet with the client to determine his or her Body Mass Index and Metabolic Rate to assist in losing weight.

Once that goal weight is reached, the counselor will assist with the client's continued maintenance and determine the client's percentage of body fat to insure muscle mass is healthy. Service is provided to the Phoenix, Arizona area.

What is unique about KIS is that the counselor meets one-on-one with the client on a regular weekly basis and suggests types of exercise for the client.

The premier tier of service would include:

  • Consulting with the client by telephone between weekly meetings for any given issue that might arise
  • A visit to the client's home for a determination of needed changes in environment
  • A visit to the grocery store for advice on how to shop for healthy food

The company was formed recently by a former Weight Watchers counselor that has maintained her weight loss for 27 years.


I specialize in eight loss and fitness without the use of drugs, drinks and expensive frozen meals. I also offer counselling to the client in order to find out why they overeat and provide healthy alternatives.


I prefer "clean" foods purchased at the grocery store. The more natural the food, the better. The brands used are the client's preference.

Scottsdale, AZ 85254
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Payment options
Linda Lodwick accepts cash and Paypal
Hourly rate: From $50 to $150

I have a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and have certification as a Legal Assistant. I have worked with Weight Watchers on and off since 1986.

Cities served
Scottsdale and Fountain Hills
Services offered

I do not yet have a client base.

I worked for Weight Watchers as both a counsellor and receptionist and realized that many members need one-on-one attention. After keeping my weight loss for over 25 years, I felt I could help clients in the fashion they need. I therefore founded KIS Weight Loss and Maintenance, LLC.

The client should know their weight, height and preferably their Body Mass Index. This gives them an idea of how much they need to lose overall in order to determine whether I or another professional in my trade can help them.

I am a very disciplined person that feels that anyone can reach any goal they have as long as they are willing to work to achieve it.

I have attempted to join a weight loss center on an outsource basis to inspect the client's home and counsel the client. The weight loss center wanted to know if I believe in pills, shots, etc. I told them I do not and have decided I did not want to be affiliated with them.

I would recommend that the client work with me on how much as is charged, as I am flexible. Additionally, I recommend that the client educate themselves with regard to exercise, because if done correctly, exercise is very economical.

I work with the client to maintain the weight loss and to encourage them to exercise daily in order to insure success.

I am most proud of getting my book published on Amazon and establishing KIS Weight Loss and Maintenance, LLC.

I do not have a client base as of yet.

I wish they knew that losing and maintaining weight as well as exercise in the long run costs less because obesity has negative health implications over time. They may or may not extend the number of years they live, but they will improve the quality of their lives by being a healthy weight and fit.

What is your experience and how long have you kept your weight loss? What makes you different from other weight loss centers?


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