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Manchester, NH

About LaBrake's Computer Repair

I fix computers with broken or burnt out parts. I repair computers that have been infected by viruses and also completely wipe out and restore operating systems on computers that have a lot of blue screens. I am a great worker and am very patient.


Computer Software and hardware recovery.


I work with all IBM/PC compatible machines. I do not work with Apple or Apple products.

503 Amherst st.
Manchester, NH 03104
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Philip LaBrake accepts cash, checks and Paypal

I am not affiliated with any company or business.


I custom built a computer for my girlfriends brother.

I do the same exact work as the geek squad but at 1/3 the price.

The most frequent questions I get are can you back up my data before redoing my computer? My answers are sure I can get to your data if the hard drive still works.

I average about 75 to 100 computers a year, depending on the amount of demand.

I wish customers would study about computer hardware and software changes.

I provide remote support Via Teamviewer and support telephone calls.

My interest in computers started in kindergarten at age of 5. I began using a computer by myself without a teachers support.

How many years of experience, and at what rate they charge.

Viruses and threats to PC's

I would recommend customers to look for what is the best price and overall value of whatever they are paying for.

I recommend having years of experience working with PC's.


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