Lady Bugs Cleaning

Home Cleaning in Nashville, TN

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Lady Bugs Cleaning

Home Cleaning in Nashville, TN

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About Lady Bugs Cleaning

Lady Bugs Cleaning is a locally owned and operated cleaning service provider in Nashville, TN since 2012.

Our staff consists of former healthcare workers who take health seriously and do not use any harsh chemicals. All the products we use are natural. Our vacuums have state of the art filtration systems to eliminate allergens. We are friendly and thorough. We don't skimp on the clean.

We offer light cleaning to deep detailed cleaning for business offices, department stores, vacant real estate properties and more. We also provide any type of clean-up services in your apartment, condo, loft or house after you've had your party. Let's make a date! We offer emergency same day clean, one time clean, daily, weekly and bi-weekly.

Tell us what you need and we can accommodate you. Our basic services include:

  • Detail vacuuming all rooms
  • Washing and wiping down appliances
  • Dusting
  • Sanitizing bathrooms
  • Wiping down kitchen and living room furniture

Our custom services include:

  • Window washing
  • Wall detail
  • Stubborn pet hair
  • Laundry service
  • Carpet and furniture
  • Drape steaming
  • Lawn pick-up

We clean toys, which we know need constant sanitizing and play equipment such as swing sets and slides.

We also offer discounted prices to widows and orphanages and we are open 24 hours from Sunday-Thursday. First to Book, First Served when you call & book online.

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We are cleaning aficionados. In whatever space, we clean efficiently. We don't skimp on the clean. We take pride in what we do.

Questions and Answers

  • Do you offer any service after finishing the work?
You can contact us anytime after your cleaning to give us feedback. We are open 24 hours Sun-Thur. We're sure you will be pleased with the work we do.
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  • Are you prompt?
  • Are you insured?
  • Do you have references?
  • Can you provide all cleaning supplies?
  • Do you offer custom services?
Nashville, TN 37203
   (615) 424-5964
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Hi I would like to know how much would it be for a single cleaning of a small apartment 700 square foot- we are trying to find a good cleaning company that is not too expansive, but first we wanna try a single time cleaning process.

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