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Chester, VA

About Lawson Handyman Service

Lawson Handyman service provides most home repairs including:

  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Minor electrical
  • Powerwashing houses and decks
  • Drywall
  • Fences
  • Yard cleanup
  • Automotive work

Just about anything you need done we can do.

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Fences, painting, carpentry and drywall.nWe specialize in those tasks you keep putting off or just plain don't have the time to do.nWe take care of those honey to do lists. So you're back. In good grace with the misses!so let us at LAWSON HANDYMAN SERVICE take the worry out of mind and get all those tasks put behind.n


Any name brand tool we need for the project that can save the customer time and money and still meet their requirements of satisfaction of above or beyond dewalt, makitta, skill, ryobi, craftsman, Porter cable, stihl, and some black and Decker tools Sherwin Williams behr paint durabond, plus three,Stanley tools

Remodeling cost guides

Handyman Cost
Average cost to hire a handyman in Chester is around $70 - $210 (per project basis e.g. fixing tiles)

1106 Cliffside Dr.
Chester, VA 23836
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Payment options
Dennis Lawson accepts cash, checks and credit cards
Cities served
Richmond, Henrico, Midlothian, Petersburg, Mechanicsville, Glen Allen, Chesterfield, Chester, Hopewell and Colonial Heights
Services offered

1 year guarantee. We will fix any aspect of the job you're not happy with. we try to go above and beyond for our customers.we make them happy enough to call us back for more projects or even refer us to a friend,neighbor, or relative we strive on satisfying. Our customers its a great feeling when the job is completed and everyone is happy.

A customer had a flat roof that had been leaking for years.and had many contracters repair it to no avail.nWe came up with a simple solution to fix it once and for all . we framed in. The exsisting roof with a pitch to let the water run off to gutter, no more swimming. Pool, and no more leaks.we went with 25 year shingles.and thene home owner was so happy he gave me a $200.00. Dollar bonus.and a highly recommendation to other customers.

At a young age of 9 helping my father who taught me to do better then your Best.he taught me to never depend on one thing and to learn everything you can and be the best at it.and if you are not happy then the customer wont be either. Many years in the business. My father is gone now but I know he would be proud that I am carrying on the family. Tradition

Do you have references? Are you licensed? nHow many years experience do you have in this line of work? Is this your line of specialty,are there any follow up things we should do after all is done?nHow long of estimated time will this project take?nAny ideas to keep this from happening again?

To always think of our planet and go green whenever possible shop around and compare prices at the best quality. and spend time and do a little research ask other people what products they used or refer

As many as we can possibly handle but we concentrate on one job at a time so my customer has our full attention. and commitment we don't strive on how many jobs we can just do. We strive on how many we can do well. We plan to expand our advertising and with the season just starting I know it will be a great Year and maybe. We can hire more employees and help boost this economy and some. Families in need.

Our total satisfaction guarantee. skill and craftsmanship how hard we work to make our.

customers happy our total dedication to their job. If they have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask for answers we don't charge extra for advice



Lawson handyman did a complete remodel in my kitchen for my wife she is so happy with their quality of work she now wants the basement done. Awesome company Dennis is the most reliable contractor i have ever dealt with. And today they are hard to find i highly recommend them for any job.

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