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Scrap Metal Hauling in Toms River, NJ

Toms River, NJ

About Liberty Services

Liberty Services buys and hauls all kinds of metal items. We are mobile with certified scales and we've been doing this since March, 2003.

We buy items like:

  • Wires
  • Metal appliances
  • Used/old cars
  • All kinds of junk

We offer RV and boat removal in the Toms River Brick Howell area.

For inquiries, please contact Liberty Services.


We really do it all. We prefer smaller projects but don't really turn down anything even if we give it away to a freind or associate every job is important.

By far most of our jobs are junk removal, landscaping paonting,powerwashing, Decks staining, cabinet refinishing floor sanding and deck sanding.

If you don"t see it just ask we will be happy to help you


mostly behr sherwin willaims kilz depends on the job. i work with quality over quantity. i like my work to lasts gives better feeling all the way around.

Remodeling cost guides

Junk Removal Service Cost
Total cost to hire a junk removal service in Toms River is over $170-$220 (junk removal service, medium load, plus a freon fee for 1 appliance)

Toms River, NJ 08753
Contact John Paradore
Payment options
John Paradore accepts cash
Cities served
Toms River, Brick, Lakewood, Howell and Point Pleasant Beach
Services offered

Always ask for references and ask questions of HOW the work will be done. ask about crews insurance. I always like when customers ask for my strengths and weaknesses then i know if i am the PERFECT fit for their project or is there an area I need to bring insomeone to make up for my shortcomings.

About 110 i prefer smaller 1 day projects. I prefer quality over quantity nobody gets lost in the shuffle i"ld rather build a satisfied customer for life than a million dollar lagacy of work everyone knows isn"t so great.

Demolition hauloffa landscaping mulching planting weed removal painting all are different

I did a job in whippany NJ nothing about the job was right everything was buthchered together. when you flushed thte toilet it was hot water. it took alot to get that house back to shape but the customer appreciation made the job worth it i am always surprised to see the shortcuts people take.

mostly timeline ?'s and budget every project is different

After care is always important anything i can do to help i always do. it"s important every customer is satisfied completely with my work. if they aren"t and i need to correct it i ALWAYS do

Depends on the job Keep an open mind you might surprise yourself where the project ends up

I am a family man behind the business is a man who cares about his community donates to seers farm animal rescue and helps out anyway he can. i constanly strive to learn to be the bestbut don't pass on those costs.

In 2003 i was working for a guy who had problems he could never keep jobs on task always jumping around. i spent more time correcting his mistakes. i ventrued out on my own shortly after because i knew what not to do.

I love talking to customers and Educationg them Every project is different the demo on hgtv isN;t going to be the same here. Maybe you need to save teh cabinets or coutertops. maybe the deck is still useable. just because the mailman said it doesn't always mean it"s right besides out estiamtes are free

Honestly if you have to cut corners now you should probably wait. You can very easily get someone to do it but it"s better to do it right the first time then to do it overagin later. if your budget isn't usually ready see where your skills are at beleive me working with someone good and doing some yourself is still better than having a hack try and fail.


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