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Quality Locksmith Services in Savannah, GA

Savannah, GA

About Lock to Lock

Lock to Lock is a local GA locksmith company that now serves the Savannah area also.

With a very talented team, we will be able to handle any locksmith needs for your Business or your home.

We also provide 24/7 car lockout service.

Contact Lock to Lock for all your locksmith needs.


we are serving 60 miles around center of Atlanta + 35 miles around Savannah GA, with more then 10 teams that ready to come and help you 24/7


we working with any kind of lock and Garage door, you name it and we will get it.

If you don't know about locks much we would love to share our knowledge

Remodeling cost guides

Locksmith Service Cost
Average cost to hire a locksmith in Savannah is around $330 - $440 (service call, 2h labor to change lock, rekey, door molding repair, and new deadbolt)

Savannah, GA 31401
Contact John Bar
Payment options
John Bar accepts cash, Paypal and credit cards

We are certified locksmith by ALOA since 2009.

Cities served
Savannah and Hilton Head Island
Services offered

you can be sure that you can trust us with more then 10,000 happy costumer in the past 3 years should we say more?

we doing a lot of jobs every week, most of them its emergency lockout, for cars and Business, we also hanging a lot of locks for house that don't feel safe enough

how much is the service cost,

we answer that they have to trust us, and we will give tham the best price in the market.

in the past 12 month we open the door for moms with the baby lock inside, we was there in less then 15 minutes and I feel like the Hero of the year.

every past costumer can call us 24/7 with another problem and we will send him tech to be ther in less then 30 minutes, also if the costumer store our number in the phone he will get 10% off the price and Service call for half off

look for our muner in the top of this page and give us a call it will save you a lot of money, and will give you the best service

after working for a different company and understand how the industry work I see that we can make it better and help much more costumer and build good company in GA, so far we are the biggest company in GA and we working with more then 20 other locksmith companies

you can look in the ALOA.com website, or look for reviews on Kudzu.com, this is real review that costumer like you add/

no body know that I will do a lot to get a review on Google or Kudzu, the future of the company is very impotent for us

every year is different but so far we doing 1-3 bid project every month.

some of hem for real estate companies.

How long it will take the tech to call?



I was told $45 to open my car and the guy came over and charge me almost $200! I called the office and they talk very rude and told me do not call again, don't use this company!


A Customer Centered Service
It is so refreshing to call a company that offers service to the public and get a live human being from the start rather than an entire menu of irrelevance to chose from. This company saved me over $400 today! The service was excellent, the information given was accurate and I did not feel like someone was trying to rip me off. This company has our lock and key business in the future.

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