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A service beyond your time saver in Denver, CO

Denver, CO

About MileHi Errand Services, LLC

MileHi Errand Services in Denver saves you time by offering errand services in Denver and surrounding areas including but not limited to:

  • household services and waiting
  • senior services
  • business services
  • and general errands/ DIA Airport runs

Visit our site to learn more:

Mind your own business and we will handle the rest for you.


Denver MileHi Errand Services was created with the concept that we all need help sometimes, therefore, our specialty is making sure our clients get what they ask for efficiently and effectively. We want our clients to appreciate our service and call us again.


Denver MlieHi Errand Services is dependant on customer requests, thus we are not specifically affiliated with any brands or products.

Denver, CO 80224
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Payment options
Oscar Mwakamui accepts cash, Paypal and credit cards

Denver MileHi Errand Services, LLC is State registered and Certified. We work with reliable transportation networks like Lyft for the DIA airport runs.

Cities served
Denver, Aurora and Englewood

Denver MileHi Errand Services, LLC is fairly priced for all types of clients to afford a service. Not only are we here to save you time, we also are here to save you money by charging you for specific errands that you need done instead of hiring those big branded companies that might charge you services you might not even need.

For personilised errands:

grocery runs, pick up/ drop off and dog walking (House hold Services)

For businesses errands:

Pick up/ drop off

We all run errands everyday, but sometimes because of professions, disabilities, or just life styles, we tend to overlook, or just can't do a few things we need on a daily basis.

And so most customers don't realize there is actually a business like Denver MileHi Errand Services that can help them live their life.

Are you reliable? Are you trustworthy? How long have you been doing this? Errands will vary from personal to a business, but all clients need a task done. And having someone that will actually save them time and complete an errand is the reason they ask for that helping hand.

I have been working for companies that are indirectly involved in running errands for businesses, so I bring my experience to start Denver MileHi Errand Services.

We have been in the business for over a years and the annual average number of projects cannot be determined at this point.

We want to guarantee all our customers are satisfied. We don't just walk away after an errand is completed, ofcourse we have to confirm the work has been completed as was requested. We also follow up with a request for a review from a client; if they were not satisfied, we might as well refund them or find another way to change the outcome.

Not everyone needs help all the time, but all of us, at some point in life felt like being in two places at a particular moment.

This is the concept that started the idea; "we all need help sometimes."

So that particular gap is what Denver MileHi Errands are trying to help our clients cover, the other half.

Sometimes the needs are not really specific, but the more precise the task is, the more satisfied the client will be.

We also have a self scheduler at our website for customers to set up appointment at their time.

Denver MileHi Errand Services is not only a business that can save you time, we can help you live your life, use your employees for what you hired them to do.

Businesses want to mind their own businesses by paying attention to what they need to do to boost their revenue instead of minor jobs like buying gift cards from a grocery store.

Families sometimes need time with their children instead of getting stuck in rush hour trying to get some errands for their elderly parents before they go home after a long work day.

What errands do you run?

When are you available?

How do you charge?

What is your location and what areas do you cover?

Visit us at and set up your appointment or Just give us a call atleast 24 hours prior to the time of the errand.

I live in a community ranging from complete families to elderly folks that stay alone in their apartments.

Once, one of my elderly neighbor hired a cab for a grocery run, he came home and noticed some items were missing; he called the taxi company to have that driver check the vehicle for missing items, they did not have them because he actually left them in the store. He waited more than an hour for someone to help him go back to that store. I happened to run by him when I heard what was going on, I wished he had my contact information an hour earlier.


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