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Billerica, MA

About Mac HVAC

We are a local heating and air-conditioning contractor, specializing in repair, installation and replacement of gas furnaces, air-conditioning and heat-pump systems.

We offer affordable rates and quality equipment with 10-year warranties.

Remodeling cost guides

Window Air Conditioning Cost
Average cost to install window air conditioning in Billerica is around $720 (window a/c for a 440 sq.ft. room - upgraded)

Air Duct Cleaning Cost
Typical cost to clean air ducts in Billerica is around $410-$680 (standard professional cleaning)

Gas Central Heating Installation Cost
Typical cost to install a gas central heating in Billerica is over $8,160 - $10,880 (pre-existing duct)

Heat Pump Cost
Average cost to install a heat pump system in Billerica is about $10,200 (2,000 sq.ft. house - geothermal)

Air Conditioning Cost
Total cost to install air conditioning in Billerica is about $3,400 (ductless a/c for 2000 sq.ft. zone)

3 Acre Rd.
Billerica, MA 01821
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Payment options
Mac HVAC accepts cash
Cities served
Boston, Lowell, Cambridge, Lynn, Quincy, Nashua, Somerville, Lawrence, Framingham, Waltham and other cities within 50 miles of Billerica.


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