Makeup By Allie

Certified Makeup Artist in Whittier, CA

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Makeup By Allie

Certified Makeup Artist in Whittier, CA

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About Makeup By Allie

My name is Alissa Gonzalez and I am an experienced and certified makeup artist, from weddings to small photoshoot gigs etc. Started off young working on family and now doing small free-lance on the side working my way up in this industry. If you do come across me and want to get a hold of me please text me, I do not answer phone calls to numbers I don't know. Thank you so much!(:

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Prom, Photoshoots, Weddings, Special Events, Fashion, Vintage


I work with all kinds of products to be honest. Mainly my favorite which would be: Morphe, MAC, Kat Von D, Ben Nye, Cinema Secrets, Colour Pop just to name a few.

Questions and Answers

  • How can we save money hiring you?
Just make sure your getting your money's worth for the quality of make up application.
  • What is important to know about your profession?
It's such a huge competition now in this industry, there are makeup artists everywhere! Which is great but so hard now to get yourself out there. Just make sure your also giving aspiring make up artists a try.
  • What do you recommend to know before hiring you?
Skin type, allergies, a budget in mind.
  • What questions should a customer ask before hiring you?
A customer should always be aware of the services and quality work that the person they are hiring has done. Customers should always ask for pictures or some type of portfolio that they can look at prior to hiring, also the rate, how far the makeup artist is willing to travel and how many people the makeup artist will be working on. Another great question to ask more so for the benefit of the customer is if they can get a trial makeup look before hiring.
  • What types of jobs are the most common?
Proms, weddings, photo shoots
  • What we may not know about you?
I have a 5 year old daughter who also loves makeup(:
  • What are you most proud of?
I recently just graduated from makeup school and one of our classes was fantasy makeup. It was a challenge for all of us, having to come up with our own look but I decided to do something kind of already known which was ICE QUEEN but just add my own touch to it. You can find the picture in my picture gallery, pretty proud of it since it was my first time working with liquid paint which let me tell you, is very tricky!
  • How many projects do you average in a year?
Well since I'm barely getting myself out there more and more, I've barely started with all this, this year. But I'd have to say I've done at least 3+ projects at least every month which isn't too bad for starting.
  • How did you get started?
I started when I was young, usually just doing makeup on my family but then I grew more and more into it and worked my way into a makeup school to gain more knowledge and technique in the industry. Now I am a certified makeup artist and absolutely love what I do!
  • What kind of questions do customers ask you?
How much do you charge? I usually charge based on the look I'm doing, how far I'm traveling and how many people I might be working on.
  • Do you offer any service after finishing the work?
I usually give my clients a small amount of lipstick just for touch ups when they need it and they don't have the color I used.
Whittier, CA 90605
   (562) 536-8004
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