Mater Towing & Recovery

Experienced Towing & Recovery Services in Leicester, NY

Leicester, NY

About Mater Towing & Recovery

Mater Towing & Recovery has been open for almost 1 year now. We are a small company but we are experienced in our trade.

Our services:

  • Towing vehicles and tow behind trailers
  • Winching out
  • Jump starting
  • Changing tires
  • Supple gas
  • Roll over

Lock out

We only have one wrecker that has a boom to help lift vehicles off of the guard rail. Our wrecker also has single line winch.

We are open 24/7. The areas we cover include all of Livingston County and Surrounding communities. What is unique about our company is we have lower prices than other companies.


Tow Broke down vehicles and recovery vehicles from ditches, roll overs and winch outs repossessed vehicles

Livingston county and surrounding areas


We have a homes Wrecker that has a lot of hydraulics,winch, cable, hoses tire straps, Chains Wheel Lift, L arms safety vest Work Lights and Caution lights.

2939 Cuylerville Rd.
Leicester, NY 14481
Contact Thomas Brooks
Payment options
Thomas Brooks accepts cash and checks

You have to have a valid drivers license with tow truck endorsement on your license with The right insurance for Towing on your wrecker or flat bed and insurance for Repossession.

Cities served
Rochester, Pittsford, Canandaigua, Batavia and Leicester
Services offered

Why Spend a lot of money when you can save money by calling us and we can do the same thing as other Tow companies.

we take our time to make sure its done wright when other are out there just to make money and they don't care if they do it right or not. Also Because we are a smaller business we care about our customers and how the work is done right.

It depends on how busy we are some times its slow other times we are booming with customers since we only been in business for 2 years its kinda slow because no one knows we even there.

  • What are your prices?
  • How far do you travel?
  • What kind of vehicles can you tow?
  • How long have you been in business?

Compare prices, Services,what hours are available. quality of work.

The most common jobs is Towing vehicles, winch outs and service calls. Depending on the whether is the service that is most likely called a pound.

Vehicle was safely towed and gets dropped off where the customer wants it.With no damage = happy customer.

Used to work for other tow companies And other repossession companies which they train you for the job.and train you the right way and the wrong way so you know what to do.

The most frequent question asked is what are pricing . The pricing is $75.00 and 3.50 a mile from 6am to 6pm after 6pm to 6am is $85.00 and 3.50 mile.

How fare are we willing to travial. We tell them when the call how fare we are will to travial.

They don't know that we are out there looking for customers/banks when they can save money just by calling us.

The best job that i had with the wrecker was i got called to do a winch out with a truck that was berried to the doors in mud. And rolled over a truck camper with the wrecker.


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