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Good day! I'm Jennifer Banks, and I am offering Math Tutorial to students from Elementary to College. I am based in Peachtree City, Georgia and I normally hold sessions at the student's place or at Peachtree City Library.

I am also giving free tutorial sessions every Tuesday as per appointment basis.

For home-schooled kids who are being taught Singapore Math Method, I may also be able to help them.

Please contact me for availability of schedule.


I Tutor Math subjects.

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Statistics

Peachtree City, GA 30269
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Payment options
Jennifer Banks accepts cash and checks

I am a professional Licensed Civil Engineer in the Philippines and I also have a Graduate Diploma in Math Teaching.

Cities served
Fayetteville and Peachtree City
Services offered

I'd like you to know that I am very passionate about learning to better my craft. I know this will only happen through experience. Though I am the tutor, I will learn along the way with your children. I think it is important for them to realize that the teacher/tutor is also like them, learning. It makes things reacheable for them.

An Advanced Placement junior student, a bright kid found himself in the lines of 60% in his AP PreCal subject. His mother contacted me a month before finals to help him keep up.

We did a week and a half or 2-3 hours a day and his tests looked promising. At the end of the 3rd week, he has caught up to the point of not needing my help anymore.

If the tutor can teach the particular subject they need for him/her to teach with total understanding and ability to impart to students.

I've just moved to the US from the Philippines, and I've just been here for 7 months.

I have always enjoyed Math. When I moved to America and finally received my employment authorization, I realized it was quite tough for a newcomer like me to get a job at a depressed economy, given that by employment background was sales.

I signed in with Wyzant and I started getting inquiries about tutorial services. I also gave out flyers to neigborhood to advertise my services. Eventually, I got invited to join here to further give me some online visibility.

I am open for after-session questions or follow-up over the phone or email correspondence. Even if I am not tutoring the students anymore, I encourage them to ask me should they come up with some problems.

I normally advise them to just send me a copy of the problem, and I will email the solution back step-by-step, and they can just follow it. If they are having a hard time following it, then we can discuss it over the phone, and so I can walk them through the solution.

If their child is taking a particular subject, they ask if I can teach it. Next is the price especially if they have more than 1 child that needs mentoring. The next one is location, if I can go to their house or wherever is more convenient for them.

I have just started doing freelance tutorial lately. In the past I was working full-time for a manufacturing company working in their sales department. I am slowly building my time and work credential as a tutor for now.

I would recommend you contact me, and we will work out a plan. I am very easy to negotiate with for as long as it's a sensible and fair plan. Most importantly, for as long as we can get your kids to start to see Math not as a subject too hard to enjoy.


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