Mega Kitchen and Bath

Bath & Kitchen Remodeling in Silver Spring, MD

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Mega Kitchen and Bath

Bath & Kitchen Remodeling in Silver Spring, MD

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About Mega Kitchen and Bath

Mega Kitchen & Bath serves in the Metro DC area including VA and MD for commercial and residential requests. We expertise in Bath & Kitchen Remodeling, Interior House Painting, Flooring, Cabinet & Countertops and Tile & Ceramic.

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Kohler, Showplace, Ultra Craft, Wolf classic, wolf Design, Cambria ,Sile stone etc.

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Silver Spring, MD 20902
   (301) 933-5070
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After much consideration we committed to idea and started our search for the right company. We took five estimates, all of witch were close price, but we were so impressed with Mega Kitchen & Bath portfolio that we decided to go with them. They gave us a list of references and took us some projects they have done by. Our project manager Ibrahim was very professional. The design they provided for our new kitchen was beautifully detailed forward .Some of the work included tile flooring which was installed along with new cabinets. Brown granite countertops with 3x6 subway tile backsplash. Ibrahim and his team were extremely responsive throughout the whole project which took a lot of stress off us. They exceeded every expectation I could have had, and I will definitely recommend them to everyone.Ibrahim is nothing short of a genius and I can honestly say that me and my husband gained friend throughout this entire process. We will be working together again soon on our master bathroom . Project starts in March.


Mega Kitchen &Bath did a fantastic job with finishing our master bathroom. We did not have an exact vision of what we wanted we consulted with Zack able to help us decide on a great design for the space . He helped us honest feedback on what would work well but ultimately he wanted us to be very happy with the end result.

Zack and his crew were very timely with the project and gave us time frames that they followed through with .Zack gave us enough lead time to make decisions. It was also very easy to communicate with Zack via email when we had any questions and he was prompt to follow-up.

The work was exceptional and the cost was more than fair.

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