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Hello, I'm Mark Metzger and I am the owner/operator of Metzgerbodies Personal Training & Fitness Center. I offer one-on-one personal training to help clients shape and tone, lose weight, gain muscle and increase energy levels.

I offer nutritional consulting as well.

I have been training clients full-time for 15 years now, serving Tampa and the surrounding area.

I specialize in proper form and technique instruction, as well as unique motivational skills to really help clients get the very most out of their experience. Call for free consultation 813-957-0455! Please visit my website at


I have been training clients for 16 years now, with the majority of them just wanting to be fit and healthy with more energy..I specialize in muscle building and weight loss, and nutritional counseling..I do, however, also train clients for bodybuilding, figure and bikini shows as well..I have been a national level competitor now since 1992!

5251 Ehrlich Rd. Tampa, FL
Tampa, FL 33624
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Mark Metzger accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards
Hourly rate: From $30 to $50
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