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PLEASE, don't pay more than you should for Piano Services. I'm Mike Partain, one of the Souths most experienced, most reliable Piano Tuner Technicians. As a veteran Tuner-Tech, I still provide service the way it used to be, THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. Extra quality service at the lowest possible price. Tuning-All Repairs-Total Restorations-Factory Grade Refinishing. I serve the Northern half of Georgia as well as North Alabama. The finest service available since 1974.

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Complete Service to all piano owners. Home, Church, Institutional. Tuning-All Repairs-Total Restorations-Factory Grade Refinishing. Sometimes it just makes more sense to repair or rebuild the piano you already have rather than buy another one. I can help you make the right decision. My clients are pleasantly surprised when I tell them how little it cost to put their piano back in top shape. And assessments are free when I'm in your area.


I service all brands of conventional acoustic pianos. I also service some that are not so conventional, such as older pianos by European manufacturers.

Marietta, GA 30066
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Michael Partain accepts cash and checks
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Atlanta, Marietta, Chattanooga, Decatur, Lawrenceville, Alpharetta, Stone Mountain, Norcross, Athens, Gainesville and other cities within 150 miles of Marietta.
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Of course ask about pricing. Don't pay more than you should. Compare prices. Ask about experience. It takes a minimum of ten years for a person to develope decent tuning skills. Also, a tuner may not necessarily be a technician. A technician is one who is experienced and skilled in piano repair. It's best to use an experienced tuner who is also a skilled technician. Not all tuner-techs are fully apprenticed by a Master Tuner Tech. Fully apprenticed veteran tuner techs are few & far between. They are by far your best choice. Mike M. Partain was fully apprenticed and road trained by C. Charles West, a German trained tuner-tech and the concert tuner for Jan Paderewski.

Depending on the extent of the repair/restoration, one free followup call will be scheduled several weeks after the repair is completed. This free service is provided just to make absolutely certain that everything is working as it should. After that, regular maintenance service is available and highly recommended. Regular maintenance includes periodic tuning.

What kind of piano? Vertical or grand and approximate age. Brand name is helpful. How long since it was last serviced. Where is the piano located and what is it being used for.

Contact me before you DO ANYTHING. If you are in need of any type of piano service, be advised that NOT ALL PIANO SERVICE PEOPLE ARE ALIKE. Again, don't pay more than you should.

I'm also a musician and screenwriter. I've produced indie movies and thousands of hours of taped and LIVE television.

How much does it cost to have a piano tuned? Answer: A single tuning only, is usually only $75.00. If it should require more than one tuning or repairs beyond tuning only, those prices vary and will always be extremely reasonable. Example: A moderate pitch raise which is a two step process, is usually only $125...if no strings break!

It would be great if clients did some research on piano service needs before they call a tuner tech. A bit of education on how environment affects a piano would be most helpful. How and why a piano goes out of tune is a most interesting topic.



He is excellent in his ability to tune, repairing small and major key, string, and mallet issues as well as fixing lid and wood issues of the frame. He has tuned our piano for 8 years and continues to do a superb job.

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