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Design, Remodel and Build Experts in Reston, VA

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MAP Build-Remodel

Design, Remodel and Build Experts in Reston, VA

Get free estimates from General Contractors near you
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About MAP Build-Remodel

MAP delivers many construction services including:

  • Additions
  • Custom homes
  • Commercial work
  • Remodeling
  • Tenant improvements
  • Management
  • Insurance claims
  • Consulting

We have been in the construction industry for twenty-five years and certified by various organizations in California.

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Reston, VA 20191
   (972) 814-6802
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  • Building Remodeling Insurance Restoration Residential Commercial Multifamily
  • Performed Remodeling project live on the Internet for Dot Com Guy, Dallas, TX 2000.
  • Featured in Remodeling Magazine, 2000.
  • Performed live home improvement talk show for the Johanna Fisher Show on KCBI-AM, Dallas, TX 2000.
  • Interviewed live on (House talk host Super Handy Man All Carroll) WBAP-820 AM, Dallas, TX 2000.
  • Featured in USA News Paper Money section due my techniques in recruiting qualified workers for the Hurricane Katrina disaster 2005.

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Atlantic Construction Dallas, Texas

I highly recommend Michael Paulson as a candidate for employment or contract services. Michael was employed by Atlantic Construction Solutions as our General Manager, Michael was responsible for scheduling jobs, managing crews, office payroll, creating documents, contracting subs, claim specialists, organizing builds, collecting funds and running our daily business activities at our new Dallas Texas location.

Michael has excellent communication skills in addition he is extremely organized, reliable and showed great ability in managing many crews and jobs at one time. he is flexible and willing to work on any project that was brought in to our company and that was assigned to his care. Michael was also quick to volunteer to assist in others of our company operations, as well. Michael would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation.


John Laub
Atlantic Construction Solutions,


I wish I could give zero stars as my rating, but 1 will have to do. Overall - poor quality of workmanship. He is cheap because that is what his work is reflective of - poor, cheap quality, We paid Michael to scrape the popcorn off our ceilings and repaint all of our doors. Our project was pushed by a week after ensuring that the work would be done on a specific date, which caused a lot of issues bumping our movers and other handymen, etc. that we had scheduled to do things I our house before we moved in. The edged of all of the Sheetrock were very rough - no clean lines anywhere. Touch up pain was sloppy and will have to be redone. Texture from the ceiling was stuck to all of our blinds (having to clean every single slat in all blinds by hand). Texture and ceiling paint was dripped onto our new carpet and not cleaned. Higher surfaces (shelves in closets, cabinets, ledges) were not cleaned - tons of popcorn residue left. He ruined our banister because he did not cover/protect it well. Tried to cover it up by re-staining it a darker color, dripping stain onto our new carpet and down our white balisters. Only to try to cover it up with one coat of paint that did not match the existing balister paint color. He used flat ceiling paint (who does that?!) to repaint all of our doors - neglecting to match the existing paint of the door trim. He claimed 'matching paint wasn't part of our deal'. We are now spending thousands more to find someone else to fix all of his mistakes and poor workmanship. After all was finished, we brought him back to show him the mistakes, to which he claimed 'not my fault'. Like a child. He could not admit to the poor quality and mistakes. I recommend you spend the extra thousand and hire someone reputable that can produce quality work. And with a better work ethic, overall.

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