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Brazilian Waxing Services in Saint Paul, MN

Saint Paul, MN

About Vita Day Spa

Vita Day Spa is a Brazilian waxing studio before and now located in Shoreview MN. I have been in the waxing industry since 2005.

My specialty is Brazilian wax for men and women. I am fully licensed since 2005. Here we only provide waxing services including body waxing, leg waxing, and brow waxing of course.

We use all organic hard wax when we perform Brazilian waxing. Our special techniques on Brazilian waxing services are very unique for gaining a lot of repeated and referred customers.

Besides, now we provide one stop services, including facial, waxing, massage, and pedicures


Private areas with hair removal

Saint Paul, MN 55126
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What experience of your skills? what price you charge? I don't think the price is really reflect our services quality. Take a look at our reviews with what other customers felt.

After waxing services done, i will provide additional information for them to go home how to take care themselves.


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