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Moving Magic

Professional Moving Services in Denver, CO

Denver, CO

About Moving Magic

Moving magic is Colorado's premier moving company.

With an addition of a new van and a 1/4 ton pick-up truck, we can also rent your large truck saving your the trip and time on your moving day.

We also offer packing service including boxes, bubble wrap, and cling-wrap.

Our crews are experienced, energetic and courteous. Since we never use temporary labor, you can count on our full-time professional movers to do the job right.

We are still working to expand our business and look forward to getting you moved.

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We specialize in large and small moves. We offer competitive prices and outstanding service. We wrap and box your belongings if desired and are available for all your moving day needs, no matter how large or small.

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Long Distance Movers Cost
Total cost to hire long-distance movers in Denver is over $4,500 - $6,000 (full service packing and moving a 2-bedroom house 1,000 miles)

Denver, CO 80237
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Payment options
Robert Whitmore-Sweeney accepts cash and credit cards
Cities served
Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Littleton, Fort Collins, Arvada, Boulder, Englewood, Longmont, Greeley and other cities within 150 miles of Denver.
Services offered

We are also available to help you unpack your belongings. We understand the difficulties people have trying to make a room look just how they want it. We are here to help. Even if you just want to see how something looks in another room we are here for you.

Recently, we were given the opportunity to help move and set up several vendors from the Tanner gun show. It was a large job requiring quite a bit of organization I was proud how we all came together to make it a great experience for our clients. Who hired us to move things back for them and continue to use us for small commercial delivery's to this day.

Another time I was particularly proud of my team was a residential move. When they arrived the client took them up to his roommates bedroom and asked that they move a box-spring for him. Under the box was $10,000 in hundreds. They immediately surrendered the cash to the client. I was very proud when our client called and told me this story.

We average at least 200+ this will be our 3rd year in operation. We are always looking to expand our business. So more projects would be welcome!

I would recommend they have a plan for moving day. As well as the week leading up to it so they can be sure they have everything in order. Almost everyone forgets something but they can minimize the stress of moving by having a good plan they follow.

A customer should begin by making sure the price is on par with their budget. They should ask about any additional fees they will be charged before they start. We have no additional fees since we work flat rate. This will be discussed up front and agreed to up front.

We started off as college students in a tough economy looking for ways to make ends meet. Now we are able to employ many of our fellow students as well as the surrounding community. We are still working to expand our business and look forward to getting you moved.

The most common job for us is a residential move. We also commonly handle commercial moves. Whatever your need we are here to fill it!

Many companies will give you some kind of quote up front and then at the end of the day there is some kind of extra fee. I recommend they have a fair idea what they want to spend and they stick to it.


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