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My name is Matthew. By offering innovative, reliable and personal guitar services, I hope to expand the scope of my business beyond the local level. I have been working with instruments for the past four years and playing for the last seven - a player and a true lover of music.

Using a different business approach than most, I cater to the needs and nuances of each player distinctively. If you have an idea, let's work together to make it come to fruition. Everything that's small has to grow.

My fascination with the inner workings of the guitar comes from the mystique surrounding - what legendary players have employed in their gear along the way to produce timeless and unique tones.

I want to put this magic in your hands as well! We all know how disenchanting it is to pick up or plug in a guitar that just doesn't produce the sounds you want or even play well for that matter, and that is where I can help you.

A guitar in its prime form will feel better to play, sound and look better to you and your audience, and most of all, make you feel inspired to play!

Please feel free to contact me anytime.

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