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Nazca Lines Computer Solutions

Professional Computer Technician in Brownsville, TX

Brownsville, TX

About Nazca Lines Computer Solutions

My name is Marco, owner and computer expert of Nazca Lines Computer Solutions, a Family-Owned business.

At your service are more than 22 years of experience, I started my business in my country Per�. Here in USA I worked in retail stores (for more than 7 years) as Computer Technician in Brownsville, and Arlington Texas.

My business name is inspired by a World Heritage Site called NAZCA LINES(Lineas de Nazca), located in Nazca City, Ica - PERU. In this city, a series of ancient and mysterious gigantic drawings are found on the Nazca Desert in Southern Peru. These gigantic drawings can be seen over the air, flying at low altitude.

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Our services include:

  • Computer repair services
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Virus removal
  • Networking setup (printers, computers, routers)
  • Wireless setup
  • Operating system/software install
  • Phone and network cabling
  • Remote setup
  • Internal components replacements

We are very professional and can talk in Espa�ol or English.

We provide reliable services and with reasonable prices in the Rio Grande Valley. Contact us today for an estimate!

Please, after any service, I would like from you a review about how was your experience with our service, thank you so much.


Computer hardware, virus removal, software installation, network setup(router, modems), network cabling.


Windows computer and Apple computers, as well working on Microsoft Office, and all brands of printers.

Remodeling cost guides

Lawn Maintenance and Mowing Cost
Typical cost to maintain and mow the lawn in Brownsville is over $40-$50 (standard mow and maintenance)

Swimming Pool Maintenance Cost
Typical average cost to maintain a swimming pool in Brownsville is about $410 (monthly pool service during summer months)

Hardwired Computer Network Cost
Average cost to install a hardwired computer network in Brownsville is over $570-$820 (4 room cat 6 networking installation without pre-wiring)

Wireless Computer Network Cost
Typical average cost to install a wireless computer network in Brownsville is around $160 - $190 (standard modem - 200 ft. cable - installation)

Brownsville, TX 78526
Contact Marco A Moreno
Payment options
Marco A Moreno accepts cash, checks and credit cards
Hourly rate: From $50 to $85
Cities served
Brownsville, San Benito, Harlingen, Mercedes, Port Isabel and Los Fresnos

Hardware troubleshooting and once I find the problem I proceed to fix or if need parts, I order and then replaced.

Scam or Fake protection softwares that scare the customers.

Professional services is the most recommend way to save money, that way your satisfaction is 100% and the repair is last long.

  • Virus removal
  • Network setup
  • Desktop and laptop internal component replacement
  • Windows/software troubleshooting

I am technology enthusiast, I start it on computers since 1989, my initial plan was to be a military intelligence officer army on my country(Computer Science on the Peruvian Army), but I didn't have the chance to get my degree because of financial matters, any way, now I am doing what I like on the civil life.

How long take to get done? Ans: Same day, except if the service need parts order, in that case need 5 to 7 business day.

We follow up within 10 business days, and we guarantee for 30 days and we do rework as well if needed.

We have approximately 10 to 12 per month, at the end of the year more than a 100 projects performed, most onsite.

Computer age, operating system(Windows, XP, Vista, 7, 8 or MAC), computer brand and model, if any hardware upgrade or software(operating system, video card, hard drive, motherboard).

How long to take?, onsite service?, have to drop off my computer?, about computer repair guarantee?, how many day you guarantee that service?.

Well, I am from Perú, my born city is Iquitos, I am happily married, father of 4, I work before on retails stores at Brownsville, Fort Worth and Arlington TX.


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