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About Neal's PC Repair

Neal's PC Repair offers computer repairs and upgrades. I can also build a PC to fit my client's needs. I've been doing repairs and upgrades for the last 15 years and I've been building custom computers in the last 7 years.

I guarantee all my work and though it's always easier to have the customer bring the PC to me, I can travel to my customer. I will give you a free estimate on the amount it will cost you; though estimates do change I will always notify you first.

I service the Ponchatoula, Hammond as well as Madisonville, Covington and Mandeville. On occasion, I've also gone to surrounding areas depending on the job. Contact me today!


I specialize in Building, Repairing/Trouble Shooting and Customizing your PC. I can build you anything to suit your needs and budget.


I work with all brands, though I do try to stay away from Mac. I always tell my customers to try to stray away from Dell, Acer, Gateway, Asus and similar brands. Most of these companies outsource their tech support so if you need help the service you get are from people who hardly speak English. I tell people to try to stick with HP & Compaq.

Remodeling cost guides

Hardwired Computer Network Cost
Average cost to install a hardwired computer network in Hammond is over $1,090-$1,570 (4 room cat 6 networking installation without pre-wiring)

Lawn Maintenance and Mowing Cost
Typical cost to maintain and mow the lawn in Hammond is over $80-$100 (standard mow and maintenance)

Wireless Computer Network Cost
Typical average cost to install a wireless computer network in Hammond is about $310 - $360 (standard modem - 200 ft. cable - installation)

Hammond, LA 70403
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Payment options
Neal Codere accepts cash and Paypal
Hourly rate: From $20 to $60

You should ask them what areas they focus on due to everybody not being as knowledgeable as others. Also it's a good practice to ask what the turn around time is on getting the work done that they need as well as the warranty on the work being performed.

I can do some trouble shooting over the telephone, but nothing is more accurate then myself looking at the PC. I guarantee all my work and offer the same warranty that is provided to me from where I order my parts.

I used to always break my parents computer when I was younger, and after having to call tech support a few times I eventually started knowing what to do on my own. Then from that point I just started fixing neighbor's PCs and then the school used to let me fix theirs when a problem occurred.

I've built a custom computer for a DJ, and I've built a very high end gaming PC for a friend. Those have been my two single biggest jobs, due to both of the customers wanting top of the line products. Then I also built myself a full gaming PC.

It all depends, though I've never kept count exactly, I probably average about 15-20 a month. It may be more, but some months are slow, and I'm not including the support I've done over the telephone as well as the customers who decided to scrap the PC due to the cost not being worth fixing.


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