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About Nicolo Santilli Tutoring Services

Nicolo Santilli Tutoring Services is a tutoring service helping individuals and groups learn throughout the Bay Area.

I have 12 years of experience in tutoring elementary, high school, and college students. I offer individualized tutoring and mentorship in teaching subjects including Early Mathematics, English, Writing and Composition, Philosophy and Psychology.

Every session is designed to cater to the needs and learning style of each student, or group of students, and is conducted at the preferred location of the student.


I specialize in areas of study relating to philosophy, literature, religious studies, depth psychology, spirituality, and creative writing.

I also focus on helping individuals to discover their own unique interests, perspectives, philosophical vision, writing style, and expressive voice.

All tutoring sessions are aimed at developing the overall competency, direction, and confidence of tutoring students, regardless of the particular subject be tutored.

Each session is catered to the current needs of the student and is sensitive to the individual's learning style and temperament.

All issues that arise in relationship to the student's learning process are addressed, and the student's overall learning process is nurtured and supported.

Berkeley, CA 94702
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Nicolo Santilli accepts cash and checks
Cities served
San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro, Walnut Creek, Richmond, Alameda, San Pablo, Castro Valley, Martinez and other cities within 20 miles of Berkeley.

It is important to determine the specific areas of strength and competency of each tutor and to make sure that there is compatibility between the student and the tutor in terms of tutoring and learning styles.

After each tutoring session, I am available for further questions or help by phone or e-mail.

I also find that it is valuable to cultivate student-tutor relationships over time so that good rapport is developed, and the learning process is able to deepen.

I remain available for future sessions and consultations after any tutoring relationship has been established and am pleased to support students in their ongoing learning processes.

Because I have a background in Counseling Psychology, I am also able to work with students on any emotional difficulties that arise in the context of learning and education.

I am also pleased to hear from former students and learn how they are doing and to support them in their ongoing processes of education and exploration.


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