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No plumber needed, change your toilet into a power flusher. in Arvada, CO

Arvada, CO

About NuFlush

The more water you can put into your toilet the better your toilet will flush.

NuFlush is the next generation fill valve that is taking the world by storm. Its function is to stop the inflow of water supply when a certain desired water level is reached. Its revolutionary and ingenious design eliminates the need of a floater-buoyancy mechanism, making it compact and light, about the size of your palm.


We specialize in making toilets flush better. NuFlush® - We sell all types of toilet inlet valves, flush valves, flapper valves, baby toilet seats, toilet bidet attachments and flapper valve assemblies. All our values are anti-syphon to meet code.

We specialize in making flushing parts for toilets that will improve any toilets flushing power. Our “Hi-Speed” toilet fill valve fills your toilet faster and our “Quiet” fill valve is almost silent. We make extension tubes for your toilets’ over-flow tube that will increase the amount of water in your toilet to improve any toilets power to flush. NuFlush will save you water and money because; you only have to flush once. We can change your weak flushing toilet into a power flusher.


Our brand name is NuFlush and we sell the best toilet valves from around the world.We also sell flapper valve assemblies, Toilet flanges, toilet Flapper Valves, 2 inch and three inch., Our toilet child seats seats are the best value and safest made. We sell a toilet bidet addon that can be installed in minutes for under $50,

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You can find our toilet parts on eBay, Sears, our own website and Amazon. We sell and ship direct from our facility in Denver Colo. all over the world.

Services offered

NuFlush “NEW” Toilet adjustable, sliding over-flow tube and flapper valve assembly. You can adjust the amount of water that is let in to your toilets water tank and bowl, just by pulling up on the outer tube or pushing it down. You can adjust the height of the water in your tank from 3 inches to the water height of 16 inches. When you have the right height for your over-flow tube just put a bead of silicone glue all the way around the inside and side tube to seal it.

We make and sell toilet inlet valves from all over the world. Our NuFlush Euro Valve is the best toilet valve you can buy. This, top of the line toilet valve is designed in Germany and sold by NuFlush, direct to the plumbers and the public. Our best Japanese valve is called the “Tsunami”. This is Japans bestselling inlet toilet valve and is very trouble free. Our least expensive is called Simple Simon and is the most reliable, simplest valve for the money. You can also combine our extension tubes with any of our inlet valves to improve any toilets flushing ability. We also have a variety of flush valves, flanges and flapper valves. www.nuflush.com

We sell toilet valves and our toilet overflow extension tubes all over the world. We sell on our website, Sears, Amazon, Ebay.and plumber sites. The best part about our products is you don't need a plumber to Change your toilet.

All customers need to know how easy our toilet parts are to install and you don't need a plumber to buy our toilet products and do it your self. We will give you all the tech support you will need to install your NuFlush toilet parts.

We sell $10 toilet parts but we will give you $100 dollars worth of service.

All our products we sell can be easily installed to improve your toilet flushing. We have a 1-800- nuflush number you can call 24 hours a day. We can solve all toilet flushing problems on the phone and you don't have to call a plumber. Plumber house calls can be in the hundreds of dollars.

1. NuFlush Toilet Mini Pilot water fill valves are small and compact take up less room in your toilet tank. Less to go wrong.

2. You can fill your toilets water tank with less inlet water noise.

3. NuFlush fill valves are new century, high technology devices.

4. Our toilet fill valves turns off and on by water pressure, not like old fashion mechanical valves.

5. Mechanical valves can be partially on and leaking. NuFlush water fill valves are either on or off. Never partially on.

6. The ball and cock water turn off valve was used in the 1920’s. The newer versions of the mechanical water valves can be a bigger challenge to adjust than the ball and cock assembly.

7. NuFlush water valves have one twist adjustment for water level.

8. Most mechanical water valves have three water height adjustments.

9. NuFlush water valves fill your toilet bowl with water to its maximum high. When your bowl is full you will have less bowl stains.

NuFlush “High-Speed Valve toilet fill valve” will fill up your toilet water tank twice as fast as a normal ball and cock water valve. Our patented toilet over-flow tube will give your toilet a more powerful flush. If you are tormented by your toilet that leaks and needs at least two flushes. NuFlush has an easy fix without taking off the water tank. NuFlush has the only true toilet fix on the market that will change the way your toilet flushes. Our website www.NuFlush.com will give you lots of information on how to improve your toilets flushing.

NUFLUSH is the next generation toilet Fill / Intake valve that will be taking the world by storm. Its function is to stop the inflow of water supply in your toilet water tank. When a certain desired water level is reached its revolutionary ingenious design eliminates the need of floater-buoyancy mechanism, making it compact and light, about the size of your palm.

We can save all our customers money because we ship direct to your address and our pricing is the same for everyone even though you are not a plumber.

How does putting more water in your tank save water?

Most toilet problems are caused by a poor flushing toilet. We have the only fix for a poor flushing toilet. We can change the way your toilet flushes. We have the only way to change your weak flushing toilet into a power flusher.


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