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About OC Rock n' Glass Windshield Repair

OC Rock n' Glass Windshield Repair offers an outstanding windshield repair for all vehicles.

We can easily provide you with effective solutions and repair for your windshield damages caused by rock or debris.

We are affiliated with most insurance companies, as well as Safelite (SGC), HSG, and Lynx.

There is no cost to the insured; deductible is waived with most insurance companies.

A lifetime guarantee of warranty is provided for all of the work that we perform.

We are servicing all of Orange County, South Bay Cities, and some of the Inland Empire.



We specialize in windshield repair, and LONG CRACK REPAIR caused by rocks, and debrie from the road. We are a Mobile Service to you, at you home, office, or choice of location. Our Reputation is everything to us, as we try to exceed your expectation, and give you the best possible learned information, with a life time warranty, on all repair services, just so you feel comfotable and secure.


All of our resins and equipment are of the highest quality available. When they say having the right tools in your trade is everything... it's the truth, since there is no control over what the damage will be when a rock hits, and being prepared for it, especially with the right tools, make our job easier, faster, and professional. We are prepared, and our repeating clients and customer base, reflects just that.

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William Davis accepts cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards

We are Licensed by the state of California, and our technicians are all certified according to BAR. OC Rock n Glass technicans are the best and only use the highest quality products available.

Cities served
Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Orange, Costa Mesa, Mission Viejo, Westminster, Newport Beach and other cities within 25 miles of Costa Mesa.
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I would recommend they call us, we are mobile, and can come asess the damage, since we specialize in LONG CRACK REPAIR, in most cases the windshield csn be repaired and not replaced which can be quite expensive with the new windshields and the technolgy thats built in them now, even with insurance coverage, since most people have a $500-$1000 deductibe that they will need to come out of pocket for to replace the windshield. By repairing the windshield the integrety is back, with a lifetime warranty ay a fraction of the cost. Yes, there will be some asthedics you will need to consider, and each repair is different as to the outcome depending on what, how big and how hard the rock hit, but the damage will improve on average 70-90% Now, on damage less than the size of a dollar*, most insrance companies will waive the deductible. We are affiliated with all insurance companies. Most Insurance companies waive the insureds deductible, so there is "NO COST" to the insured for the work we do*.

We wish more people knew how importatant it is to get the repair fixed as quickly as they can, so it doesnt result in the windshield CRACKING OUT, and it's not IF! IT'S WHEN! The insurance companies recommends that thier INSUREDS, are proactive when rock damage occurs. Call to talk to an OC Rock n Glass technician asap, and he will tell you a little trade secret, so that can help prevent your windshied from CRACKING OUT, until he can get there uto repair the damage permenantly and professionally.

We are the best at what we do, and go out of our way to deliver outstanding customer service. So they can be worry free.

Our Phone Number 949 873 3309, is the first and most important information to keep close and readily available, for this reason; we can expidite your claim with your insurance company, saving you the hassle, and most importantly your time, since we do this everyday, and know exactly what to say. Other items might be your insurance card, address of location we will do the repair for you, and wether morning or afternoon it better for you. With OC Rock n Glass, your back on the road, giving it GAs, safe n secure in no time.

Actually I am proud of all my work since we started in 2009, we are as well one of the only compaies out there that will do LONG CRACK REPAIR, which help alot of people that cant afford to pay their deductible of $500-$1000 to have it replaced, and bavl it withy same lifetime warranty. When I leave and the Customer is smiling, I'm good to go.

First, prior to us getting there, we tell the customer to be proactive and to seal the outside of the windshield where the rock hit, or damage is with any kind of tape, scotch or any clear tape is best, This will help keep the elements out as well as help the windshield from getting worse till it is repaired

We provide a clean and repaired windshield with a lifetime warranty, meaning, if for some reason a repairstarts to run again, which is very rare but can happen, give us s call we will come back out and repair it for no chsrge. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have in the future.

William Davis

  • How long have you been in business? We have been in business for over 3 years.
  • Do you have a lifetime warranty on your work? Absolutely, We give a lifetime warranty, as well does your insurance company does for our work.
  • What insurance companies are you affiliated with? Any Insurance Company that waives your deductible, so we can do the work on your windshield for NO COST to you, the insured, we are already affiliated with most companies

Q. How fast can you get here. A. Usually within 24 hours of there call, we are a mobile service so we can come to there home or business to do the repair, and usually in under 30 minutes.

Wow! Really to many to count in my head but were well into the 1000's and growing. But it is important that we stay within our means, so we can deliver outstanding customer service to our clients, on a continuing basis as we grow.

I was trained with another company, but felt I wanted to stand on my own reputation so applied to the state for licensing, and founded OC ROCK N GLASS in february of 2009, and now have one of the best reputations in Orange County and beyond.

Well there are all different types of rock damage, and cracks to the windshields, but the most common is probably the "Star" it actually looks like a star where the rock hit.



This guy Tyler is at the top of his game, came out the same day, and repaired a crack, that I surely thought would have to be replaced. Wow! What a great job, definitely will tell my friends and use him in the future.

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