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Omega Bus Repair Shop

Minibus Repair in New York, NY

New York, NY

About Omega Bus Repair Shop

A Van Hool bus is a massive and hard-working vehicle that gets a lot of abuse in its day-to-day life. It is constantly moving and hauls large numbers of people in and out of cities and towns, slowly wearing itself down. It needs specific attention and Omega Bus Repair shop knows just what kind of attention it needs. The issue with most repair shops is that they are just plain old repair shops. They do not specialize in anything; they just know a few things about motors have some basic auto knowledge and run with those.

A Van Hool bus is a very unique vehicle that requires extra special care. It is not the kind of machine any average person with a toolbox can work on. It takes years of training and certification to get the level of knowledge and skill that our staff possesses.

We are not just a basic auto mechanic, we are specialists who know every in and out of the Van Hool Bus models. Every one of our mechanic specialists is certified and a master in their respective field. No one in New York or anywhere knows how to handle a Van Hool bus quite like us. We are able to service any year, make or model you may have. Omega Bus Repair Shop is proud of our ability to handle any vehicle that our customers bring to us.

Call us at to speak to one of our experts, tell us about your vehicle schedule a consultation today!

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