On Electric LLC.

Electrical Installation, Repair and Maintenance in San Antonio, TX

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On Electric LLC.

Electrical Installation, Repair and Maintenance in San Antonio, TX

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About On Electric LLC.

On Electric LLC is an electrical services provider in San Antonio for a diverse group of residential and commercial clients. With a focus on our own immediate community, we've become not only an option for resolving difficult electrical installations and repairs but a true neighbour as well.

Our long list of customers in the San Antonio area know that we're not part of a national franchise - we're strong, independent, and committed to only the highest level of quality. On Electric LLC has the technical know-how to complete your electrical maintenance, repair, or installation jobs.

If you're not satisfied with our work, then neither are we. In our community, we value our local reputation and delivering sub-par performance is simply not an option.

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I had LED lighting installed by this company. They will not stand behind their installation. The following is from a certified and bonded electrical installer when they had to repair this companies damage;

Observations regarding existing RGB LED tape light:
* RGB LED tape lighting that was installed was of low quality, and therefore has issues giving off a consistent color when using the remote to change colors
* Multiple different sections were used to accomplish the project so this also adds to the color consistency issues.
* Sections of the RGB LED tape light do not even light up. This usually occurs when the tape light has been bent to much during installation causing a break in the fragile internal wiring and nails driven through the lighting strips.
* The low voltage transformers that power the RGB tape light and that plug into outlets are indoor rated and are plugged directly into exposed exterior outlets. Over time these should fail due to exposure to weather.
* Exterior outlets should have a bubble cover over them when anything is plugged into them permanently on the exterior of the home.
* The eave of the home was left exposed where the tape light was run through holes that were drilled for access. These holes are large enough for mice and bugs to gain access to the eve of the home.

I have pics of the poor installation and copies of the communication with the owner as I had tried to work with him. The lights never worked correctly and after a second attempt and more damage done to my house, they have turned their back on me.

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