Painters For A Day

Residential Painting in Huntington, NY

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Painters For A Day

Residential Painting in Huntington, NY

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About Painters For A Day

Painters For A Day is a full service New York residential or commercial painting company based in Huntington, NY . We offer a full list of residential, commercial painting services in all the Counties of tri state New York NY - Doing both exterior and interior painting

When looking for Professional Painters In Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan, New York City, Queens, Staten Island and Westchester County, New York NY. Painters For A Day can provide you with professional painters available to do high quality exterior and interior painting at a reasonable and low price.

As professional house painters in tri state New York NY for many years, our painting services are guaranteed to be of the highest standard in Professional painting. If you need a painter, my team of professional painters is the answer to your search.

Hire Painters For A Day professional painters in New York NY, and get personalized, professional painting,

  • Pricing
  • 1 Painter For A Day $350 or $50 per hr
  • 2 Painters For A Day $600 or $75 per hr
  • 3 Painters For A Day $900 or $112 per hr
  • 4 Painters For A Day $1200 or 150 per hr

Our Painter for a Day program includes:

Attentive service from an expert painter

Our painters are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all of the following areas:

Wallpaper Removal

  • Trim Painting & Maintenance
  • Interior Painting & Wall Maintenance
  • No project too large or too small.
  • Contact us now to schedule your very own Painter For A Day!
  • Phone : (516) 850-8369
  • Schedule on-line 24 hours a day.
  • Website :

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Huntington, NY 11743
   (516) 850-8369
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I recently hired Painters For A Day to paint the interior of my home. They say with painting, 90% of the effort is in the prep work and they excelled at this! My ceilings and walls that were cracked from 15-years of settling look as good (and probably better) than the day I moved in. The guys were professional and timely (they finished the job ahead of schedule). If you need painting done, call Wayne. You will not be disappointed.


From start to finish, Painters For A Day was professional and thorough. He is a breeze to communicate with, and as a very busy traveling executive I value working with someone who uses technology so easily and yet offers a personal touch as well. We had some last minute changes in our scope of work but Wayne handled them easily. The work was done quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss. Best of all, the rooms and hallways he painted for us look amazing! I found Painters For A Day via fixr and thank all my fellow fixrs for their reviews! I too highly recommend Wayne and his team for Painters. Good work, competitive prices and honest, direct communication.


Painters For A Day painted my entire home. They was very professional and stuck to the schedule we agreed on. They were also really great around my cats which was a huge concern for me going into this project. My walls look beautiful. I'm very happy with the results.

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