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Mobile Massage in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD

About PamperMe1st

My name is April Jones-Britt and I own PamperMe1st. I offer mobile massage specials to couples or buddies of $55 per person in your home or hotel, done back to back.

Get discount card for free allowing you to get a 1 hr. massage for $40.00 after giving a Like on Facebook for Pamperme1st. I do Swedish, deep tissue and reflexology. I specialize in addressing your area of pain.

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I love addressing area of pain such as lower back pain. Swedish massage,is a very relaxing massage that helps relieve tension in various parts of the body. Reflexology is a massage to the feet or hands that helps give a free flowing of connections throughout the body, it helps keep things in harmony. I also do seated chair massage at your office, home or event.


I work with all natural products that can be used to cook your food in. The oils maybe extra virgin olive oil, or a combination that includes grape seed that is good for cancer (grape seed has been recommended for cancer when eaten).

5209 York Rd., B2C
Baltimore, MD 21212
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Payment options
April Jones-Britt accepts cash and credit cards

President of Maryland Independent HomeCare Providers, AFSCME Local 406. A provider under the Maryland Department of Aging Medicaid Waiver for Older Adults. License Massage Therapist under the state of Maryland. Member in good standing with the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. CNA/GNA, and Medication Technician Certified under State of Maryland Board of Nursing. Accredited for Qigong Healing & Breathing Applications Levels 1,2,3

Cities served
Baltimore, Parkville, Ellicott City, Dundalk, Catonsville, Gwynn Oak, Essex, Owings Mills, Towson, Nottingham and other cities within 20 miles of Baltimore.
Services offered

I free membership card for cash back and reward points for every purchase at any Blue Card Merchant, it is an international network of businesses, in 46 countries.

I made a client aware of there need to stretch and taught them a couple of exercises that allow them to deal with correcting lower back pain.

The beginning of the massage includes you taking a deep breath to allow the muscles to relax when the therapist first touches you. Let the therapist know if you feel any pain. If you are working on knots in the muscles or trigger points, remember to deep breath in order to help bring oxygen to that area of the body. Remember to drink water after therapy to help flush any toxins from your body that were released from your body.

Your quality of life is up to you. We must take the time to silent to our bodies to know that something is just not right. Take in plenty of water to help hydrate and flush your body and deep breathing to allow your cells to get the oxygen that they need. When exercising work inside your comfort level don't push yourself too hard, so that you can recover easily and get back into taking care of yourself. You only live once.

Google search for pricing, always ask if there is a special that are available. Offer to do advertisement in your company news letter if you have one. Offer Like exchanges from people in your organization to there organization.

What areas do you specialize in? What areas do you plan on getting advanced education in? What are your hours of availability? How much advance notice do you need?

Seated massage at the job or event to help draw in customers. It can also take place in your home as an added attraction for a party for guest.

My projects include events, they may be mine or belong to someone else. I encourage people to give me a like on Facebook to increase my exposure to other possible clients and I give value to others that help promote my business.

This is not a cover for the sex trade. It is a legitimate service, that takes pain away and promotes good health.

What should I ware? Undressing for a massage is up to your comfort level, if you wish to wear under ware then do so if not then don't.

Consider the area that the massage is going to take place. If you are travelling to another area contact the massage therapist 24 hrs in advance to pre-arrange the use of services. Know what price is going to be charged and any added fees, like travel.



I would like to speak to you about your services. Please call me 410 629 5916

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