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Paralegal Solutions

Paralegal Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO

About Paralegal Solutions

Paralegal Solutions offers Virtual Paralegal Services for Licensed Attorneys, Virtual Bankruptcy Assistance for Licensed Attorneys and Virtual Document Preparation / Typing Services for Individuals and Small Businesses filing on their own with instruction.

My hours are flexible and I can be reached via phone,email, website or Facebook.

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Paralegal Services to Licenced Attorneys' in Bankruptcy,Contracts, Family, Wills,etc.

Typing services for Individuals and Small Businesses with Instruction.


CINcompass, Best Case, My Space, Pacer, Trustee/Bankruptcy Websites. Many different programs and software along with Cloud-based applications.

Colorado Springs, CO 80910
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Payment options
Nanci Rogers accepts cash, checks and Paypal

I am a Notary Public and I-9 Authorized Representative. I also have a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies.

Services offered

What is my fee? It depends on what I am doing. Divorce with Children $350, Divorce without Children $300. Estate Planning can be hourly or a flat rate.

I charge a flat fee for a lot less than going through an attorney. If you do not have a lot of legal issues and just need document preparation, then I am a way to save money. If you only need an attorney to represent but not type the documents you can hire an attorney on an ala carte basis and I can assist in preparing the documents.

Not sure what this is but filling it out anyway.

I will provide printed copies if needed for filing and a copy sent to either email, cloud, or dropbox. I can be hired for additional services. If an amendment or change needs to be made I will assist.

It depends on how busy the attorneys I work for keep me. The public document preparation is more often.

Not sure what this is but filling it out anyway.

Paralegal for licensed attorneys in family law, bankruptcy law, elder law, estate planning, contracts, etc.

Document preparation for individuals and small businesses with instruction filing pro se'.

Know exactly what you need to file and where. Be prepared to fill out an intake and know that the Document Preparer/Paralegal fees are not included in the filing fee, process server or any other fees.

We cannot give any advice. We cannot tell you what to do or how. For the Public we can only do document preparation with instruction.

Education and experience. I have a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies and have been a Paralegal since 2012.

I went to school and earned my Paralegal Certificate, Associates in Paralegal Studies and my Bachelors of Legal Studies (January 2017).

Earning my Associates in Paralegal Studies and earning my Bachelors is something I am very proud of. Also, helping others .


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